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    Gutting and refinishing my house and landscaping, adventures with the dog - Rufus, a rescued Boxer now in his 11th year and spoiled rotten (if you are reading this may I please have my bed back, and get the &#$^@ off my computer!!!) Ink - always up for some fresh ink but running out of room: business from the neck up and one hell of a mid-life crisis from the neck-down!
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    Lusting over 8-yard kilts in every available universal or county tartan, and working hard to afford them

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  1. Congrats to you and yours!
  2. Woot to all of us kilties!
  3. Welcome from Aurora, CO! I feel the same way about that other "stop' on the internet; they're a little more judgmental and less accepting of anyone who's not inherently tied to wearing a kilt in a somewhat historical and "regent" way. I like to think a kilt can replace a pair of pair of p@nt$ or shorts and that's it - it's a piece of clothing and although I walk a little taller and make sure my shoes are shined when I dress up, it's just as good to put on a well-worn utility kilt and boots to cut the grass. All in all, men and women here are much more accepting and supportive of guys that want to kilt instead of wearing one as a costume or an homage to Scottish heritage
  4. Welcome from Denver, Colorado!
  5. Welcome from Denver, Colorado!
  6. That would be good - I'd prefer this all to be a mistake of some sort!
  7. It's funny - the two names under which these posts appear are two distinct members here, both joining at the same time, so my thought is that one borrowed the words of the other... PMs sent to both parties, then I'll PM KT. Another member here is a member on the other site and we're having a dialogue as well since it should be addressed there also. Who knew being ethical was so much work...
  8. Thank you gentlemen - I didn't think it was something to just let go. I'll PM the original poster here to see if by some chance it was sanctioned, then the person who decided to borrow the post, lastly looping KT in. Good to see honesty and integrity here, appreciate that as sometimes it feels as if those attributes are in short supply in the world...
  9. So, I admit that I still, from time to time, may go to that "other" kilt blog - don't get me wrong, I don't "play" over there and trust me when I say that "I only look at the pictures", which I do - it's the best way to see who's wearing what and how they're wearing it, and although I'm loathe to admit it I am going to be honest with the group here Here's the dilemma: We have a member here that basically cut and paste a post from another member onto that other forum - no quotation, no reference of having gotten it from another source.. just posted the three or four paragraphs and pictures as if they were his/her own... Is it just me or is this kinda dirty and unethical? If it's not, then I'm gonna start plagiarizing posts so I can sound more intelligent... Please tell me I'm right, I can't pull off smart.
  10. Hump-day, half way there!!!!