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  1. Very Cool , Thanks KT I knew there was a reason I liked KoRN
  2. Welcome aboard ! Any kilt that you want is what you should get....About the specifics We're happy to answer your questions.....
  3. Most definitely enjoy the vacation!
  4. Hello Mr. MacDougall....welcome
  5. Chris, while I am happy that you are self employed and wear a kilt when ever you want ....I feel a need to say something in a friendly way.... BITE ME... ok, I feel better now
  6. The issue with chain.. Almost all chain is made of metal rings. Picture a O with a cut/slit in one place. To make a chain these rings are connected in various ways ...until the desired length is reached. To connect he rings, the rings are opened by twisting the ring in opposite directions so as to open the slit. To close the reverse is done. The problem for us is in two main areas. Many if not most chain used for our purposes is of fairly low quality as far as fit and finish. First the links are not properly closed in most cases. A properly closed ring would have no gap in which to catch wool. Many of those just twisted closed will also have rough edges at the cut....burs. These burs can act like little knives, cutting even your finger. A properly closed ring for our purposes would have been soldered closed and then polished. This would remove much of the wear given a wool kilt. I suspect that Rongoms has are chain where the links are soldered. OR one where the openings in the links are kept away from the fabric. Those who have the greatest issue with their chains most likely have the lower quality chain...
  7. excellent ! looking good ! and I second getting rid of the chain... ooooh, and you've got some great swish going on there...
  8. because they love you..... thats what my daughter always says at least.
  9. Nice Pics, looks like it was fun.. I'm starting to notice something... 1. I am not alone with my belly 2. I need to find some brethren to hang with.. 3. I need more kilts after I loose the tire It's amazing what becoming single does to your desire to work out....
  10. Ah, I have found it better to avoid when possible....and when NOT ...pull the biggest thing you can out of your pocket (of course if they have guns...don't pull a!)