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  1. There is a Burns Night in Columbus, Texas January, 18th. If you want tickets here's the link.
  2. So, once again the highland games will return to Houston, after a 4 or 5 year hiatus. They were supposed to come back last year, but that fell through. However this year is different, April 13th at Crown Festival Park in Sugarland, TX HHGA presents the Houston Highland Games. It will be a small festival this year with just the athletic competitions, clan tents, and a few vendors. Hoping that it will be well attended and we can grow more and more each year. So brothers, if you are reading this please make plans to come out and watch big men in kilts throw heavy things for your pleasure.
  3. Last week my wife and lost our first child, Fiona Michelle, was stillborn. We have a small idea of what happened, but not 100% sure. We are in pain, but our faith in God and the support that we have surrounding us. Time will heal our hearts, but we will always miss not having our Fiona girl to hold and love. I think I am writing this not to invoke sympathy, but so that I can come back in the future and see where I have grown from this point I time. My heart swells with the thought of entering Heaven's gate and seeing my Fiona standing there waiting for me to pick her up, and love her for eternity in a perfect world void of sin and death. As hard as this has been it will hurt less with time, but my plea to all parents is to cherish the time with your children. I will never take LIFE for granted after this moment in our life. I also know with Fiona watching me that I must live a life that will make her proud of her daddy.
  4. Here's his price list. WFD/WOB 56 $165 42 $145 28 $125 21 $115 14 $100 Hammers 22 $130 16 $120 12 $110 Hammer blades. (Straight or offset) $35 which includes S&H Sheaf 10# $100 12# $105 16# $110 20# $120 S&H (in the continental U.S.) on the weights is $25 per weight. But a few of the smaller weights can be packed together so they would only be one S&H cost. S&H on the sheafs range depending on your address but usually run about $30 Per bag.
  5. As far as where to buy the weights and everything, there is a guy on facebook that makes them and has pretty reasonable prices.
  6. My suggestion is find someone with the implements and train together, makes it so much easier when you have at least one other person there with you.
  7. Been a while since coming to the page. How has everyone been?
  8. Awesome a friend of mine just ordered his first kilt. Let’s see some pictures.
  9. Howdy from the Republic of Texas!
  10. I have been searching and praying for a friend who I could train for the highland games and other heavy games for a few years now. Well now I have one, and to make it even better, I have him getting a kilt in the near future! Games are easier and more fun to train for when you have someone who can help you and push you. I expect my games performances to go up in the near future.
  11. We are having a wee little lass in July. I can't wait to meet her. There will be plenty of pictures coming. I need more guns, swords, and axes.
  12. Ok Houstonians and great Houston area folks got an event coming up that will fun, and a chance to meet other great kilties.