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  1. I have a pair of Endricks and they're pretty comfortable. Seem to have plenty of cushioning on the inside and a rubber sole. Have worn them 6-8 hours at a time (with lots of walking) and no problems.
  2. As you've seen from my other pics, I have L&M badger dress sporran. The cantle/targe on this sporran as originally purchased is shown below. It's very generic, and since I wear this sporran with my fire department uniform, I wanted it to be more fire department-themed. I've seen some sporrans with a center maltese cross, but wasn't happy with any of those. I found the nuts holding the cantle to the sporran and removed them. With the cantle off, it was easy to see that the three celtic knot buttons (at the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock positions on the cantle and in the center of the targe) as well as the top smooth button were all designed with a threaded post that passed through the cantle and were held in place with a nut. I ended up ordering three gold maltese cross emblems (13/16" diameter) and a double bugle captain's hat badge (1 1/2" diameter) from a uniform supply shop and specified the threaded post mounting. After the maltese crosses arrived today, I swapped out the two buttons on the cantle with these and then placed the double bugle in the center of the targe. I'd originally planned on replacing the top smooth button with a maltese cross too, but the post was not long enough (this post also holds the snapped flap which closes the top of the sporran). In any event, I think it turned out nicely and probably looks more balanced with just the two crosses.
  3. Here's a montage of the eclipse I took from our deck here in Ben Lomond, CA. Shot these with my Nikon D80 & 75-300mm lens through a welding shield held in front of the camera.
  4. Wow, those are great! We didn't get the full ring here in California, just a little more than what your first photo shows. What sort of filter did you use?
  5. Makes me want bacon waffles. Make your favorite waffle batter, cook some bacon. Fill waffle iron half full, lay a couple slices of bacon in the batter, and put the rest of the batter in. Cook per normal and enjoy with some REAL maple syrup, May have to make those on Sunday.
  6. I like the idea of a flint (or obsidian) sgian dubh. Sounds like it would make a very nice piece. One of my biggest complaints with many sgian dubhs is that they are unsharpened and not real knives. I understand the reasoning behind this (especially in the UK with their restrictive knife laws), but I carry a folder most every day and want my sgian to be function and not just look good. I have a stag handle/damascus blade one which was somewhat sharpened and which I've spent some time putting a better edge on. The fancy dress one I have is duller than my butter knives. Seriously considering getting a blade kit and making my own. Have considered the Cold Steel one too as I love their knives, but I prefer a more traditional look most of the time.
  7. Saw them the same place you did in December 2010 - pretty sure they were there when I went in 2007 too. Bought a couple of their CDs in the giftshop by where their stage is - hit and miss - some of the stuff on the CD is a very different style. Love their version of Loch Lomond though.
  8. Same here. Have a pair of the ox blood 8-eyelet DM 1460s (these ones). Went with a friend's suggestion and got the "Made in the UK" version, which are a bit more expensive than the ones made in (I think) Thailand but better leather. Didn't even have the normal infamous DM breaking in pain. They go well with my current kilt and a pair of black kilt hose. Thinking about getting a pair of black ones too, probably the 10-eyelet 1490s. DM is also now making a "brogued" boot which probably would look pretty good. Don't have any other shoes (besides my ghillie brogues) which go with the kilt IMO. Most of the time I just wear Vans slip-ons or sandals when I'm not in uniform.
  9. Thought about it, but decided I didn't really have any reason to get one other than the novelty of it. Didn't look like something I'd wear often - prefer the traditional tartan look.
  10. I'll second you on that one. Have tried quite a few Belgian ales and always come back to Chimay - particularly the blue. When I was visiting Tasmania, I took quite a liking to several of the Boag's beers. Not easy to find here, though our local BBQ place occasionally has them. Also quite fond of Fat Tire.
  11. Having a few pairs of their regular p@nt$, I can say that they are sized pretty much the same as Levis. Looking at the kilt page, I suspect they're meant to be worn at the "p@nt$ waist" rather than the higher true waist that kilts usually are. I say this because they make a point of saying that the cargo pockets are located at the same height as the ones on the p@nt$ are, and the layout of the slash pockets seems to reinforce this.
  12. I'm still laughing over this. Started as an April Fools joke, but apparently there are enough people who want to be tactically kilted that they decided to go ahead and actually make it in a limited run. My Chief and I were e-mailing back and forth on this on Monday since we're both 5.11 customers and got the original e-mail - I asked him if we could make this an unofficial uniform item. I currently wear the "tactical p@nt$" the kilt is based on with a department polo shirt as my casual uniform, so why not a non-bifurcated option?
  13. I hadn't either, but S&W has it as an option in their "online badge builder" program. They actually had quite a few centers I hadn't seen before (including the monochrome state seal). The backing is a standard pin like on a shirt badge. I'd tried my regular badge on the Glengarry before I ordered these and it's pretty much just the right size to sit in the notch of the rosette. It doesn't have to pierce the fabric at all, it just slips behind the front piece of the ribbon material. It can slide up and down about a 1/4 to 1/2 an inch, but that's not really an issue since the weight of the badge keeps it down, and the notch keeps it centered.
  14. Yeah, the separate avatars seems to have disappeared and been replaced by the profile pic. In the same vein: the new avatar doesn't seem to have to be square and shows up in the "normal" proportions of the photo on posts, but when writing a reply and in a couple other places, the picture gets "squashed" down to a square proportion.