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  1. Not Welsh, but Prussian, Irish (Norman), Anglo-Saxon (Norman again) and Scottish (Frisian)


  2. Here is a thumbnail of the tartan in question, so others don't have to look it up to opine.
  3. Looks good Katzbalger. I keep trying to find a way to "friend you" my fellow Sutherland, but apparently this site doesn't have that forum member feature.
  4. Congratulations on starting the long journey to "mastering", or at least gaining competency, on the Great Highland Bagpipe.
  5. BTW, congratulations on your weight loss! I need to lose some poundage myself, but if I did I'd have to sell off all of my kilts and jackets and start over again That is my rationale at any rate.
  6. As the lead Administrator on several international big board forums (and past staffer on still others) I can personally attest to the fact that EVERY forum has its perks, good and bad.
  7. Barbara is one of the top rated kilt makers working today, but her pricing is quite reasonable considering the demand for her work. I think that I paid around six hundred or so for a premium 8 yard in 16oz Locharron Guthrie tartan, which is a rather rare tartan. There was a waiting period at the mill for a special run to be woven. She does have a bit of a waiting list at times. The USA kilt is a five yard one in 16ox Marton Mills worsted wool, and I think I paid in the three hundred ball park for it.Rocky was having a special at the time. I have an "X-Marks"tartan kilt in my collection from Marton Mills PV fabric, the source of post of the quality PV tartan being utilized for kilt making. Although it is a good knock about kilt, the fabric has little in common with a good heavy weight worsted wool "tank", if that is what you are looking for. In reality the PV is quite light in weight and doesn't have the same swish by comparison. Rather like a 10 to 13oz Saxony wool if not lighter.
  8. Another one in my hoard that I favor is my USA Kilts Clan Sutherland tartan kilt:
  9. Still my Barbara Tewksbury, Clan Guthrie tartan kilt that i'm sporting in my avatar. I've purchased a number of others before and since (of course!), but if I have pick just one, I favor this one the most.
  10. As the Vice President of the West Kentucky Highland Society, I would like to invite everyone in the region to attend the Murray Highland Festival and Games on October 22nd, at Murray Central Park. The entrance is free, as is the concert the night before on the 21st featuring Highland Reign. More info can be had here: http://www.murraykyhighlandgames.com/ https://www.facebook.com/murraykyhighlandfestival/
  11. I'm Mike S., from Dallas, TX, currently living in Murray, KY. I've been a GHB piper for 30+ years, and am the V. P. of the West KY Highland Society. Glad to see the new site and forum up and running Kevin, it looks great!
  12. As someone who makes many accoutrements myself, Sgians and Dirks included, I congratulate you on your excellent piece. One question, where idd you source the amber stone? I've had a dickens of a time finding a source of suitable, larger oval cut stones of this type. Glass or real.
  13. Looks great! Would it be possible for you to bring some (tartan, kilts, or both) to the Murray Highland Festival (Murray, KY) when you set up there in October?