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  1. With two cockpits, it is hard to figure out which stick to pull.
  2. WOA, I feel a breeze. Are my balls and pin showing?
  3. Great pics. Cool to have your son in a matching kilt.
  4. At last all the kilts are washed. I sure am lucky the clothes line is low so no one will see me naked while hanging them. The feeling is almost better than when in a kilt.
  5. Hello, welcome to the site, enjoy.
  6. Got less than an inch in NY state where I live, just cold temps 10F this morning.
  7. Getting a little snow/ice this morning in NY (north of the City) with temps around 34. I will leave a little earlier for work today. Too many folks out here do not know how to drive in these conditions.
  8. Had a "nice kilt" in the parking lot at Walmaart this morming.