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  1. I'm in. I have helped to organize and run the athletic events for the Houston Highland Games for the past several years. The first thing we need to do if we are looking at a specific date is to search ALL of the other known competitions and festivals to make sure that we are not conflicting with any other games. We don't want to lose competitors or spectators who are usually committed to another competition at the same time. Also, late June is getting pretty hot in South or Southeast Texas. If it could be a little earlier it might be better.
  2. That might be trick to use. On the inside of the sporran, LIGHTLY moisten the leather, then hang the sporran up with some kind of weight in the bottom center to gently stretch out that area and make it a little lower. Easy, slow, and gentle are the keys on stretching and shaping leather like this.
  3. Sporran looks great, but those legs! When are you coming to town to drink beer and smoke cigars?
  4. It's dangerous to kick up your feet when you're regimental!
  5. Howdy, all. New member here. MacDonald on my mother's side, as well as Mom's Irish Collins relatives.