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  1. OFCJAXs Latest DCU kilt. Completed with a DCU canteen pouch for a sporran.
  2. My command team is always poking fun of my Kilt when I wear it to official Army functions as civilian cloths attire. Then I get the "skirt" comments. My favorite comeback is "It takes balls to wear a kilt, without balls, it's just a skirt." Then the females come up to me and they all want to "know" about the kilts lack of lining. I tell them that the only thing that you wear under a kilt is boots and socks.
  3. BOOOOOOOM!!! Hammer dropped.
  4. Hello and greetings to you all. With St. Patrick's' day just around the corner, I would like to share with you some information and a bit of a story. While I was researching traditions on St. Patrick's and the wearing of a kilt, I heard of a story where neither the Scottish nor the Irish actually wore any items of green on the day of, save one special item. It's a green ribbon tied into an easy to untie bow around the Kilters privates. The game was to see if you can have an Irish or Scottish lass have that ribbon in her hair! The trick is, that she has to untie it herself. So, remember, if you are at the pub on St. Paddy's Day and a sweet gal comes up to you and asks where your green is, you can tell her the story, and give her something to tie her hair back with. (It's best to carry a pocket sporran full of green ribbons for multiple target opportunities!)
  5. @OFCJAX I am in need of one of your amazing kilts. DCU please, fully loaded. Do you have a build time? Just let me know, and your PayPal info.
  6. Has anyone heard from Needle Pimp? He hasn't responded to any emails, on this site or his. I want one like this . . . [img/]
  7. I can oblige. Once it starts snowing, I'll get you a good picture of Geichberg Castle.
  8. Hello fellow kilters, Allow me to introduce myself. My name is SPC Anderson of the U.S. Army stationed in Bamberg Germany. I have been a kilter for a long time and I just found this site. I especially love wearing my kilt to Army functions! I get a lot of stares, it's quite funny standing in formation in kilt on civilian clothes day. I am searching for a DCU kilt, if there are any crafters out there.