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  1. Knew i logged in for the first time in a year for a reason. Thoughts with you. And apparently I am supposed to purr at you.
  2. The fall session runs Sats. and Suns. from Sept. 21 - Oct. 20. Pet weekend is Sept. 28+29. Probably declare one of those days my birthday party and invite whomever out.
  3. I generally use a sheep tallow based soap. The fat foams very well and the lanolin helps sooth any irritation. If I bleed, then I use a beeswax based cream over the affected area.
  4. I'm honestly not huge on either product. Find Redd's a bit more candyish than I like my alcohol and Shocktop is honestly a bit "meh" as far as Belgian Whites go. Maybe it's where I live. breweries out of Maine and Vermont both brew readily available witbiers that don't need to be served so cold they deceive the palate and still require additives to be palable.
  5. Ive found that people tell me that the non-bifurcated garments I wear are kilts, tartan or otherwise. I think they're like most things and evolve with usage. There will always be the tightasses doing the equivalent of speaking middle English well after others have moved on but generally their heads will be far enough up their arses that anyone else won't have to listen..
  6. In contrast, I had to wear a bifurcated garment for the first non-job thing in over a year to get access to an open bar. Mind you I was out your way for an extra couple hours wearing off the beer.
  7. What works for you often comes down to your own individual skin. My dad has this massive can of Barbasol from the mid-90's and never has any issues. That goes on my hands and I'll crack, bleed then break out in hives anywhere it contacts. I use a lightly exfolianting pre-shave cleanser from Bio-elements in conjunction with their oily skin line and a lanolin based soap. Gear wise, I'm a DE guy as straight edge is suicide when one is as popular with the door-opening capable fuzz buckets as myself and I use a badger hair brush.
  8. There's a Ren Faire in CT right now. When I go to Boston, I don't drive. Those nasty storms a couple years ago that brought with them the coldest days on record? Yeah. I was on the commuter rail platform waiting for a train that was delayed almost 2 hours with no announcements forthcoming. Good times.
  9. http://www.ctfaire.com/ I technically should've posted this a couple weeks ago when they had their highland games. However, I'm a bit **** at such things. Anyhow this coming is the last weekend of the CT Ren Faire's spring festival. As per their norm, that means they're allowing pets (on leashes no greater than six feet with proof of vaccination and some common sense handling restrictions) on premises. In addition to the added nicety of seeing some cute pooches, I just prefer the overall vibe of CT to King Richard's. There's less of a sense of people being there to gawk and I noticed some performers "defected" which is generally a sign that management isn't exactly kind with portions and cuts of steak from their cash cow. I'm headed out on Saturday health allowing. If anyone feels like meeting up, let me know. I'm more than willing to not be the tall, broad, bearded Metal dude whose limp allegedly resembles a swagger walking around a family-friendly event on his own save for a kitten. So glad I'm not handicapped enough to justify having one of those huge white vans sometimes.
  11. Yeah. Thanks for the sympathies. I have it easier than you when it comes to kilts. Wear leg braces and have above average heat sensitivity.. p@nt$=overheating if the weather is too warm never mind with actual exertion. Plus, the fabric of the right leg tends to get stuck in the joint on that side. Shorts help with the latter but covering the part of my legs that coiuld possibly breathe doesn't so much help my body regulate its temp.. So telling me to wear p@nt$ is a dick move.
  12. I'll be out around Concord the 18th. It's basically a geeky open house. Normally offer to hoist a few with brothers there but I'm in charge of the wee fuzzy one for the day.
  13. That's not the rhino's stomach growling, his liver's a ventriloquist
  14. Here's a link to help folks find local groups: http://www.bigdamnboard.com/websites/groups/ Bear in mind that this isn't guaranteed complete/accurate. It at least tells you what a large number of the groups are calling themselves so you can focus your Internet searching a bit.
  15. My dad's got cancer. He's not likely to last all that long. There have been hints that I had better not show up in a kilt. I take it seriously for funerals and memorial services. Otherwise, whatever.