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  1. I have made a habit of thanking everyone who has served for their service. After 9-11, I got that a lot but about 5 years ago I committed myself to thanking every veteran that I met for their service. Our bothers and sisters who served so long ago only have a short time left with us. I want them to know how much that I personally appreciate their service and what they did for all of us as Americans.
  2. It's a bird, it's a plane, no wait it's just a Kiltie being a Kiltie!
  3. Hey Joe, I am sorry that you have to make your visit under these conditions. I know you to be a strong willed and one who stands for what he believes in at all times. To make the visit to see your mother under these conditions still reflects your strong character and love for your mother. I hope that your visit goes well.
  4. Excellent Brother! All the hard work paid off.
  5. Big people are just little people in big people bodies.
  6. The event and the weather was great and so were the pints. I went with my wife and son. It was his first time and he enjoyed it. I kept telling my wife that we needed to get some pictures and some how we left with none. On a positive note I saw a very dear friend of mine that I had not seen since we returned from Iraq in 2004.
  7. To the Republic, representing the warrior spirit well.