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  1. Our Scottish Society board was contacted by Ceol Leinn a Celtic band that is interested in performing at our festival next year.Here is some information about them and I was wondering if anyone has seen them perform and could let me know how they are. Good, bad, ugly any reviews are appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I'm going. I notice they added Colin Grant-Adams this year as well. He'll be a wee bit quieter for you Steve. Maybe whisky and a cigar will help?
  3. Thanks for the review. I just bought a bottle of this a couple of days ago but haven't opened it yet. Now I'm looking forward to it even more!
  4. Welcome from deep in the heart of kilted Dixie! (That's Alabama)
  5. We're having our Scottish Festival Oct 2nd at Goose Pond Colony in Scottsboro, AL. On Friday Oct. 1st we're having a golf tournament. Saturday we will have athletics, piping and several musical acts. More info at Tennessee Valley Scottish Society
  6. BUMP!! Looking forward to this weekend and bringing a friend who has never been to a Scottish festival before. So everyone on your best behavior!
  7. Glad you made it back safe and sound! Hope you had a great time. You can tell me all about it the next time I make it to Memphis.
  8. Welcome from Alabama, the Heart of Kilted Dixie! I see you already know Steve. So sorry. But I'm sure he's told you about DEKS. Look forward to meeting you the next time I'm over that way.
  9. beowulf67


    Sorry to hear about your friend. I raise a wee dram in his honor.
  10. That's just a few hours away from home for me. It would make a nice weekend trip. Any particular hotels you would recommend or direct people away from?
  11. "Your slip is showing." "It was a gift from your wife, I thought you'd recognize it."
  12. I went to Huntly last year. Though I didn't have to worry about shadows in my pictures, mostly just keeping the rain off the camera. Great pictures. And it really is an amazing feeling to walk through the castles and catherdrals that are hundreds of years old.
  13. That's just the way Steve drinks at the pub. You have to watch him or he'll be sneaking it over towards your glass.