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  1. No Betties show tonight. Sorry for the mix up.

  2. Gonna be running sound at Ole Memorial lounge tonight. Cure your hangover with a little hair o the dog and some great music.

  3. This was probably my best St. Pat's in a few years. Thank you so much to all that helped make it possible!

  4. Sons are definitely rockin Twin Peaks today at 3! Grab some warm clothes and bring you behind! 71st and Memorial.

  5. There is a drwback to being raised on live music...I am comforted by loud music, and could fall asleep on a dance floor...

  6. Ladies...I know you love your ug boots, but you look like you are about to do the Napoleon Dynamite dance routine.

  7. Watching Dark Knight Rises again. Bain sounds like a cross between Sean Connery and William Shatner.

  8. I've been cooking up some pretty great stuff in the kitchen lately, so today I thought I'd experiment with some old fashioned bachelor food. I grabbed the two things most likely to stay in the pantry for there entire shelf life and combined them. Spam and canned spinach. A little garlic salt, some fresh cracked pepper and some roast chicken seasoning with a splash of apple cider vinegar. I should really show you a picture of this. It tastes good though.

  9. For any budding animated film writers, directors, casting agents: Nicolas Cage is almost never EVER a good choice for an animated character. Despite this horrible blunder "The Croods" looks like it might be a fun family movie.

  10. Ladies, does it bother you that your man never wants to pick what to eat for a meal? We don't pick because every time we choose you go "uh! really!?" regardless of what we pick. So quit bitchin when we say "I don't care" and just pick something. It honestly doesn't matter to us what we eat, we aren't picky, and it obviously matters to you cause you whine about everything.

  11. since I'm a ginger with with grey hair coming in, does that make me "salt and cinnamon"?

  12. The adverts on FB crack me up sometimes. A picture of the desert camo batmobile attached to an ad for becoming an anti-terrorist expert...

  13. So...cigarette smokers have the balls to tell me I can't smoke my pipe. Ass munchin douche lickin sissies!

  14. I realize this makes me a social networking whore, but if you are also whorish like me, connect with me or truck stop betties on twitter, instagram, and tumblr

  15. I'm not a nerd, but I just spent my evening watching youtube vids on wilderness survival, blacksmithing and tracking topped off with a steaming hot bath, single malt scotch and smoking a pipe with a long stem. Gonna change my name to Aragorn.