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  1. STK is proud to offer a 10% discount on all our Men's and Women's Modern Kilts Made in the U.S.A. to Brotherhood of the Kilt members. Enter botk (all lowercase) during checkout.

  2. StumpTown Kilts would like to thank the Brotherhood of the Kilt for all their support in 2012. As many of you know in the summer of 2012 STK’s website was infected with malware and had to be removed. StumpTown Kilts successfully, as a new business did it’s best to get a new website operational, however, technical difficulties with our new online shopping cart (Pinnacle Cart) resulted in STK not offering members 10% off- we apologize. STK has fixed this problem. Sorry for an...

  3. Thanks for posting the link Werewolves, appreciate it. hehe. Yes, we hope to be a brotherhood merchant soon also. Anyone have any events they would recommend to us? Cheers, Cyd
  4. Hello Brotherhood, Yes, we are new to the brotherhood and happy to be here. We are StumpTown Kilts, a 1 year old kilt company based in Portland Oregon. My partners and I started this kilt company over 3 years ago, went through about 16 prototypes, working on fabric, pleating, adjustable waist, attachable pocket straps and on and on. It was an extremely long process which cost us lots more money then we had ever planned. All of our work was not futile though, we are happy to say we have a really cool product for the low maintenance, every day kilt wearer and now happy to share it with you all. This is your kilt, thanks for letting us share and be a part of this great community. We look forward to vending and having a beer with you all. Cheers. Cyd StumpTown Kilts
  5. This is a great forum, I have had a good time reading all the quotes. Thanks for all the kind words from our current customers. We really try to create a positive atmosphere around our kilts, which are made locally. We take pride in our garment, which we have created for you, this is your kilt and we want you to be happy. If you have an issue with our kilt after purchase, please let us know so we can correct the issue. We priced them to not get into a pricing war with UK, as we have been a supporter and UK wearer for years prior to starting STK. Allot of time, and prototypes went into the design before we went into production. I believe we did about 15 prototypes before production and 3-4 more during production, and currently making some tweaks to the front panel to alleviate some pulling and wrinkles. Were really excited about this coming year and we hope to add more members to our "RebubliK of STK" family. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop me a line "". Cheers, Cyd
  6. Good question on how we compare to UK. We have been UK wearers for years, and friends with the owner of UK. The main difference between the fine UK garment and ours is we use a box pleat, have adjustable waist with attachable pockets. We spent 2+ years in design creating a product for the low maintenance kind of guy, and came up with wash and dry friendly kilt. We use the same blend of fabric Dickie's p@nt$ use, this allows the garment to keep it shape. We are working on a 100% cotton kilt, but 100% tends to cause shrinking which causes the pleats to poof and curl. We really want our kilt to keep it shape so you never have to worry about how it looks. We have currently made some design tweaks and are really excited about this new year. Tons of events planned, just wish we had more money to market. Some day. Cheers, Cyd!