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  1. Like some pansy football player could do this to a man in a kilt
  2. I recently posted something to FB where you take the top people in your chat list and put them in a scenario where you're in a mental institution. Kilted Texan appeared as my doctor and a good friends wife was the person running around naked. KT made a comment which my friend took as directed to his wife so he IM'd KT and there was a little back and forth which ended in my friend apologizing to KT. On Saturday of that week he was relating the story to me and told me he apologized, we talked a bit and he asked who KT was. I explained he was a good friend and kilted brother who competed in Highland Games, to which I got a "What?". I proceeded to explain "you know where they take the telephone pole and throw it...". His response? "I'm glad I apologized now"!
  3. Wish I could make it, but I'll be taking pictures of Rick Sanford and Legs Diamond (actually a band I know that backs him now as Legs Diamond). Plus it costs me more than $100.00 just to make the drive, the Ford is going bye bye as soon as I fix a few things!
  4. Things are looking up, now if we can just get more people to come!
  5. There is a possible kink in my plans, I was diagnosed today with walking pneumonia! If I get the all clear in two weeks I will make it, if not...I don't want to think of that possibility, can't be out of work in the busiest time of the year for that long!
  6. OK, what crazy hair-brained idea is KT giving birth to now!