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  1. And KiltedTexan, this link might help you with your search. http://www.ancestry.com/1940-census/usa/Texas/Edgar-Hengst_5llwdg You'll have to sign up for a free account for more information. This tells me he was 17 in 1940.
  2. Drac, As with everything you do, once again you go above and beyond. Thank you, Don
  3. Welcome from Northern California. There are several Alaskan kilties. I've shipped many of them there myself.
  4. Your options come down to what drivetrain you're interested in. 6cyl/6cyl Turbo/8cyl ; gas/diesel ; auto/manual The new Ford F150 with the Ecoboost is a V6 with twin turbos putting out nearly 400hp. Still gets good gas mileage and is a reasonable sized truck, even in 4WD. The Toyota Tacoma with 5.7L V8 is a torque BEAST and will shred tires faster than you can buy them. Not so good on gas mileage. If you go diesel, go Dodge. I prefer the cummins over every other diesel. (jaded here. It's what I drive) Give us more details and we can really narrow down the search.
  5. sliding headfirst might be OK. Sliding feet-first you risk some major skin shredding. I wouldn't risk a kilt. If you're gonna go kilted, be a coach or just sit in the stands and drink and harass the others.
  6. Yep. I had the scraps of this multicam material laying around and I thought, well, shoot, why not try it. Soooo, I made what I call a hybrid TactiKilt using black and multicam. It looks like the one on this thread http://www.kiltsrock.com/forum/topic/21009-looking-for-your-feedback/ only instead of digital camo, it's multicam. I just finished it and I can't take a picture of myself so here's a cellphone picture of it not being worn. I think it gives the idea of what I did. Whatcha think? Winner or Loser?
  7. I don't know how I managed to miss this but regardless, Welcome from Northern California. I'm originally from Owasso. Small world eh.
  8. Most of the time it's easy when you break it down acephalus a = without cephalus = head anencephalus a = without nen = (fr. neonatus) child cephalus = head
  9. Good questions. I haven't done all the math yet. The 15 yards of material you see here cost $200. That makes 3 kilts. Not much room left over for labor and overhead at that price. I will be doing some crunching to see what I can get my fabric supplier down to based on volume so I can set a price. I am hoping to have these in the store and available in most sizes by mid-July.
  10. I've been trying to locate a source for this material for quite some time and FINALLY it's come together. Starting the first production run of authentic multicam kilts this week.
  11. I was on a boat! Now I'm off the boat but for four days my ears thought I was on a boat! You can't end a sentence with boat unless it has an exclamation mark. Don's rules of grammar. Boat!
  12. and I'm baaaaaaaaaaack What a vacation. 7 days in the Western Caribbean and another 4 days in Miami. Wife and I are both exhausted but it's good to be home. More updates after I decide to wake up for more than 15 minutes at a time.
  13. I already have a Drouillard blade and it is a keepsake that will be passed on to my daughter. Now I get to honor my father and I will be giving him this beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Dad loves knives and this will certainly be a surprise he wasn't expecting. Some day it will come back to me and together with it's kin will pass on to my daughter. These are the only heirlooms I have to pass to her and I treasure the one I already have. Thank you so much for making this possible.