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  1. Yeah, alot of those are taken straight from Alt.kilt. I would either go straight to them or check out UT Kilts. Or any of the others represented here.
  2. We've got a couple of athletic supply stores near my that have soccer socks that I've heard make good hose substitutes as well. Nice to know there are always more option though.
  3. I love my Sportkilts. I just bought a Team Kilt and I've been wearing my St Pat's Tartan Original Kilt for a year now. I LOVE the hidden pockets, they're perfect for a cell phone (much easier to get to a ringing phone in a pocket than in a sporran) and its wonderfully comfortable in the summer. As for the rest of the options, they're purely cosmetic. I don't like buckles or fringe personally, but I add in the pockets and the belt buckles. I think they're worth the bit of extra money. Also, I know it says that they start at $59, but that's really only true if you're super skinny. Most people are going to get at least a large or bigger so its really starting at $69 or even $79. But you'll get a lot of good wear out of it if you get it.
  4. Personally, I would take the certificate to where the land you were supposed to get is and get a picture of her holding the certificate on "her" land. Sure it may have been a scam, but that doesn't mean you can't make something fun out of it.
  5. I'm with Lonnie on this one. He already has your money, so give him a chance to go ahead and make your kilt. If, when you talk to him, he can't make the Brotherhood kilt, then go ahead and ask for your money back then and you're not out anything more.
  6. It will be a little while until I really get around to wearing it. Its been mighty cold around here lately. If I remember, I'll snap a couple when I finally get to wear it out on the town. Its every bit as glorious as I had hoped it would be. Now I'm just waiting on the shirt I ordered to wear with it to get in. I some how don't own and black and yellow tshirts any more.
  7. I tend to just wear a pair of black dress shoes, but that's mostly because they're the only dress shoes I own, were very expensive, and are rather comfortable. I don't like owning alot of shoes so I make the ones I have serve several purposes.
  8. Oh yeah! Should have a new Team Kilt, matching flash, and black hose waiting for me when I get home from work today!!
  9. The team kilt comes with the sewn down pleats as standard. But I am getting the hidden pockets and the belt loops. Going for the black with Grid Iron pleats so it will match my hoodie I got from them. I just need to double check my current Sportkilt and see if I got it at 42" or 44", The 44" is another $10.
  10. As big as I am, and with the extras I'm adding to it, I'm already well over the $150 on just the kilt alone. Which is why I was glad to save the $20.
  11. It does indeed! Saves me $20. I only like buckles when they're required, otherwise, they're just a pain. With the velcro I don't need buckles.
  12. Hey, I'm wanting to buy a new Team Kilt and I can't tell anywhere if it has the same velcro front that the Original has, anyone here know? I'm tryingto decide if I want buckles or not, but if it has velcro, then I don't need the buckles.
  13. Where did you order from?
  14. I almost bought one at my local RenFaire this last year, but didn't have the money for it.
  15. I tend to wear mine a little long, but I wear my shorts the same way. I don't like anything above my knees, it feels far too short. Even my swimsuits are long board shorts.