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    Butchering sacred cows and using the flesh to feed starving hindus, or anyone else who needs a good rogering.

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  1. Who is making then as nice as thorrifin was ? I need animal sporran
  2. even its a cardboard tube . really amazing that .
  3. is the cover a play on that song about the drunk scot who wakes from a drunk to find a blue ribbon tied to his bits?
  4. bad knees , no fun ! wish you the best. mine will randomly collapse when I am walking around doing the most mundane things . has happened since I was a kid.
  5. sounds like a norweigian joke .
  6. umm . may i have another please ! WHATS BEHIND DOOR NUMBER 2 ALEX ? in my best cheesy game show announcer voice.
  7. This is court based. there is no love from the common man here for japanese , its a sentiment which is taught from an early age and is a great tool that the government uses occasionally to whip up nationalism whenever someone visits a shrine or some other saber rattle worthy event . The only ex pats who actually like this place have only been here for a year or two. Really we are here for our company or to further our careers.
  8. Sorry for the confusion, Yes it was china that blocked us from leaving . my wife is japanese so japan would never do that to her nor would a stupid situation ever come up in japan. Living in China you have to get used to living with spoiled cry babies . oh well , putting this house on the market tomorrow.
  9. I am just wondering how it works in the western world. would a person be stopped from traveling due to a small small issue ? My wife was stopped from traveling to japan for our family vacation because a neighbor had won a civil judgment against her. serious drama at the airport today if the same thing had happened in the states you would be reading about me on yahoo or something and I am sure some liberal agency would have taken away my boys. that is a whole other can of pissed off.
  10. Really seems there are a lot of birthdays this month. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you all and many more to you.
  11. Ah , the rains, BJ is a wreak as is Guangdong, yet strangely enough shanghai is having the best weather since 2010. go figure. last time I checked jews were not putting hits on people for drawing god. But I get your point and I didn't know that. I am not against anyone designing a tartan or wearing a kilt what gets me is the BS PR behind the article I have no doubt that these are the same yuppified folks that have no problem donating money to bad people in the interest of spreading the word of god. And I am not interested in giving them the benefit of the doubt.
  12. is night desert the small digital square pattern ? can someone post a sample . I googled it but I don't know exactly if thats what you are referencing.
  13. the colors are nice but as one person commented . tartans represent families or districts not religions . Not a fan. I find the reasoning to be flawed and if representative of a section of the muslim population in scotland I would guess it would be a very small section. lest we forget we are the infidels to them.