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  1. HA HA HAHA I would like to forward this to everyone that uses our gym at work. I think I finally complained enough that they got it. The "benchers" that congregate back there at break time seem to not understand the whole "pick up after yourself" mind set. I started just throwing the weights on the floor around the bench when I needed one of the weights that was hidden behind the rest, but that seemed to be too subtle.
  2. love highland games too. the first time I worked the Scot Fest in Tulsa, our booth was close enough to the field to watch some of the games. I really wanted to go try the yolk walk.
  3. So for the third year, the wife and I are attending DragonCon in Atlanta on Labor day weekend. Anyone else planning to attend? I'd love to share a pint while we're there.
  4. Greetings my brethren and sistren... I don't usually do this, but a friend of mine found out that he has diabetes last month. He found out too late and they ended up having to amputate his left leg just below the knee. He wasn't really a kilt fan before this, but I took him my sport kilt and he loved it. He was having problems getting shorts over his short leg. they were unprepared for this, as you would be, and hasn't asked for any help. So I'd like to help him. If there's any chance you have a size large sport kilt... or a 38-40" modern kilt you'd be willing to donate I know he'd be appreciative. His fiance is taking his measurements to send to me soon, so I'll update when I have his exact size. Thank you for reading this, I hope all is well for you and yours.
  5. I usually call Black Watch celtic camo.
  6. welcome brother. I am also a full time kilter who does steampunk... and cosplay. I've done kilted costumes until now, but told my wife I was going to work in some p@nt$ to my costumes for the same reason.
  7. Merry Christmas... or Happy whatever you celebrate. I hope the new year brings what you need/want.
  8. happy holildays my brethren. Stay safe and don't let anything freeze off.
  9. I use mapmyrun. it's easy to use and I'm used to it.
  10. That's awesome. May be a reason to get up that a way. I joked about doing the same thing near Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Hope it works out.
  11. I do track with my phone running app, but the chip time agreed with the app. I always forget to turn the app off for a few minutes after finishing, so it's just to track my progress.
  12. Welcome brother. I would suggest checking out tactikilt and some of the other merchants on the site. Alt Kilt is more expensive, but they make a sturdy and great looking kilt.
  13. Thanks guys. Wolf; the coin is pretty sweet. I will post a pic of it. The funny thing about that is that I didn't intend to do the .3 mile detour... first I misread it as 3 miles and said no way. but it was towards the end of the course and I made a wrong turn. I actually got my coin as the guy was in his van getting ready to leave. My race bib, and finisher medal, had "my first marathon" on it so people were encouraging me from packet pickup to finish.