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  1. Greetings from a fellow transplanted Texian
  2. A ripstop fabric utility kilt is a cool thing , no pun intended........wait...... yes it was LOL.
  3. Greatings from the Great State of Texas
  4. Welcome from the Great State of Texas
  5. Thank you or not for the issuance of the annual Holiday / Christmas greeting/salutation. It is a much enjoyed read , always bringing a great laugh. Cheers to All
  6. Welcome from The Great State of TEXAS
  7. I have one of the BOTK Kilts. Very nice.
  8. Greetings from The Great State of Texas
  9. Kilts are like Tribbles , they multiply quickly
  10. Welcome to the Brotherhood from Texas. Warning tho , Kilts are addictive.
  11. Current fav is Brotherhood of The Kilt go to kilt is Camo from utkilts.
  12. Mine won't talk to me any more. I wonder if it was something i said?
  13. I've got a night stalker sporran and it carries a fnp-40
  14. Im going Sunday , going to try to make opening cannon and i always march with The Queens Own Highlanders
  15. cb750kman

    New Kilt

    d@mn its good to see you again. How are you doing? Are you doing scarby this year?