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  1. I kinda did. But I bought US Army tartan off a bolt. Just not in my town.
  2. I've just order some fabric for a Great kilt also know as a belted plaid I believe. It's on back order so up to 16 weeks, so much for getting it on my birthday.
  3. Long over due up date. The thing is hot! I never wear it. I stick with my others. I'm planning a Great kilt now
  4. Buy the book The Art of Kilt Making directly from Barbara Tewksbury. I believe it's, much cheaper
  5. I almost always wear my kilts on the weekends. I was planning to wear jeans one day and discovered that I can't find any. I don't seem to own any any more.
  6. Joe I

    Red Kilt?

    Your photos are gone When one says red kilt I think of Royal Stewart Tartan. Kilts in every color but pink I think.
  7. I bought my U.S. Army Tartan that I made my 2nd kilt from. I thought they were nice and my material was sent quickly.
  8. I do recognize the Roman, Egyptian, Hopi Indian kilts also the Vikings had tunics that were belted and looked like kilts. I also liked that Battle skirt bit, some. I liked the comment about women wearing jeans not being less feminine, but I do remember a time in the not so distant past that women were maligned for wearing p@nt$(in the 70's).
  9. Function. I make what I can and wear t-shirts or button up shirts. What ever I want! I'm a Do-it-my-way kinda guy.
  10. This is how I felt at another site, too. I wasn't banned but I had posts moved and told they had nothing to do with kilts, ect. One of mine got them with their shorts in a bunch for a while. I was also called a troll.