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  1. cool, pic's when you get it ?
  2. well as much as I did not plan on it I need to remove the big torc. the 2-3 lbs is making pinched nerves in my neck. I will stick with wearing me Crafty Celts bear torc
  3. so far no green skin and I have been wearing a torc since last June. it is only more recently that I put on the big one permanently but in the few weeks that it has been there so far no green skin from the torc
  4. and some of there other stuff is more expensive too.
  5. same here,they don't break easy but the torc can not be bent by hand
  6. I did that too,were you able to break them?
  7. well the torc that I am wearing permanently is very hard to bend it is 19mm thick solid brass and even using a big vice to squeeze it together and it did not bend easy
  8. I know this is an old topic but I also wear a torc all the time
  9. why ? there is nothing wrong with hair
  10. last month I got some new ink, face ink that is.
  11. here in Wisconsin we have gotten a few days of 0° or below but I have been staying kilted no p@nt$ for me
  12. been a while since I posted about the ends but I solved the problem about ends and made my own ends.
  13. I placed and order on Aug 4 2013 for a BotK 1st year Kilt pin and have not recived it yet. Description Unit price Qty Amount BotK 1st year Kilt pin! Item# 590 $12.00 USD 1 $12.00 USD Subtotal $12.00 USD Total $12.00 USD Payment $12.00 USD Payment sent to support@simplesage.com Aug 4, 2013 10:38:49 CDT Transaction ID: 3FJ37851FN965052P
  14. I was only to bloody lake once a long time ago but I do get to the Prairie du Chien rendezvous and a few others during the summer