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  1. That is Great I don't think I could do a mile at this point in time. John
  2. Thanks much looks like you had a Good Time. John
  3. I use my MacLaren cap badge as a Kilt pin some times. John
  4. Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
  5. I have two a black and a tan and I like mine well made and they wear well. John
  6. Dude I Think You need to Shave Those legs! But the Garters are very nice. John
  7. A Post Whore who is a Post Whore ? John
  8. But Thank GOD that you can still wear it ! John
  9. Ghillies or black boots I can't wear any thing elese when kilted it just dosen't feel proper. John
  10. Well Hello Sir Glad to know that you are with us again. John
  11. Thats pretty d@mn Cool. John
  12. Thanks soo much I have seen them when we canoe in Can. and the BWCA. John