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  1. Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin Nice Looking Sporrans. John
  2. Good to hear from you can't wait to see the pics. John
  3. Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin and Good Luck. John
  4. Awesome Looks Like You Had A Good Time. John
  5. Good for You I need to get back on my bike and go for rides in the mornings. john
  6. Good for you as Long as you came away with out any injuries. John
  7. Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin I wear a Kilt to work but change into a uniform when I get there I'am a Boiler a Hospital in Il. John
  8. Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
  9. Looking Good James I Hope You are Wearing Shoes For The 5 K. John
  10. Lets Hope You Don't Get Admitted Back in the Day They Had My Brother Bath in FelsNaptha Soap Because it Dryed The Hell out of Your'e Skin Maybe a Good Beer and A Dram Might Help. John
  11. I agree 100 % John
  12. Come on Guys Step it Up WE Need 6 More Orders . John
  13. Just ordered mine worked just fine I used PayPal no Problems. John
  14. John here I Live in S.E. Wi I wear my Kilts to any thing I need to look good at I don't own a suit any more. I'am a Boiler Eng. work at a Hospital in Il and have been there for 40 years. Ihave been on this forum for about 4 or 5 years. John
  15. Great to see it back up I have checked on it every day.
  16. Looking Good as Always Glen. John
  17. Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
  18. From what I understand you can wear any tartan you wish as long as you respect it. John