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  1. Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin We will keep them all in our Prayers. John
  2. Looks Great Jim Glad to see you getting back into the things that you Love to do. John
  3. Very nice does it require being kept cold and fed fish. John
  4. Welcome aboard from S.E. Wisconsin. John
  5. FJR1300

    New Kilt

    Looking Good Jim Glad to see you again. John
  6. Looking at this post it says Member of the Brotherhood under your'e name ? send a message to KT. John
  7. Well thanks to You and Quinn. John
  8. I wear mine for special days the games and when I get a bug up my butt to wear one I don't own a suit so when needed I wear my kilt. I have been Kilted for 4 years. John
  9. Sounds like a plan I hope you get around to it all. John
  10. I hope all are safe and well. John
  11. Merry Christmas and a safe New Year. John
  12. Sir Have A GREAT CHRISTMAS and say Hi the the Wife. John
  13. Awesome Have a Very Merry Christmas. John
  14. Looks Good Jae wear it well. John
  15. Maybe not the best effort But you did it. I Hope you had a Good Turkey day. John
  16. I have a 5 yard black watch from Rocky I hope You realy like the kilt they make Great stuff. John