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  1. I have lived through the. End of the world at least 12 times including one of the girls break up with some guy I and she don't remember
  2. What was that line from ja ja binks
  3. Kick myself in the nuts for a comment like that!
  4. For sure, but a full grown man does not without saying a word grab a kid and proceed to give a dressing down,
  5. I agree completely, the thing from where I'm standing is this: why be offended do you want ID if you see someone wearing any tartan or do you think " that person is honouring someone or some thing" People should grow up!
  6. Yes and he runs around showing everyone what it is and where it is from the man of 80 can't grasp it is a simple transaction across the globe
  7. Brisbane Australia say G'day Have fun, it's one hell of a ride
  8. Who owns a black watch? My oldest got a mouth full for wearing it recently, I might be a cripple for a little while still but..... Lets just say silly thing to do. His great grandfather may not have worn that tartan in the highland regiment true and I am just a retired digger but as I said to him. This Remembrance Day (veterans day) my seven year old wore a medal he did not earn out of respect, my children know respect I see you don't!
  9. I have seen the Thompson hunting in a 16oz 8yd kilt as well as the Thompson dress my elderly friend and tutor has them I cannot say for certain what variation they are but I believe the tartan came from Marton mills for the hunting and daglish for dress both are stunning I only call them Thompson because that is what he calls them thanks to you he now stands tall and tells people he is a Thompson of clan Mctavish I mention this as I have shown him your work and he expresses his thanks to you and says as I have that you to have a lot in common his wife said kindred spirit. I too thank you