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  1. jmack


    Best way for the boots is a personal fitting. If this is not possible, then contact me thru my WWW link on my post or profile and I can give detailed instructions on how to do it. For the ghillies all I need is a tracing of your right foot, for the Ghillie Knee high I will also need a few extra measurements. John
  2. jmack


    The gentleman in that pic is Brendan McCabe from the Scottish band The Trybe: . He also is a member of Crann Tara : a Scottish historical group. The McCabes are a sept of the MacLeod clan.The tartan appears to be close to the MacLeod Soc. of Scotland pattern. I will get with him to find out. John Update... I just received word from Brendan, he normally wears the MacLeod Tartan, however in that pic he is wearing Lindsay.
  3. jmack


    All my footwear is 100% 5-6 oz. leather, standard Ghillies are $55.00 High top go for $65.00, and knee high (not shown) are $150.00. The side lace boots go for $300-400 depending on height,buttons etc... All are custom fit to each person and HAND SEWN using artificial sinew. Sole is two layers of leather sewn to bottom of shoe/boot with a neoprene high traction (conveyor belt) sole glued to them. These are the only 100% hand made (no machine at all) Ghillies, Boots I know of and are priced at or well below any comparable makes. I can fit ANYONE, regardless of size/width The band Albannach all wear my product as do many of their fans.Other customers are from the Scottish bands Clann An Drumma and The Trybe as well as Sir David Ross. I will be at Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in N. Carolina this July 10-16. Just ask anybody from Albannach "where is JMack?" Hope this helps. John
  4. Here are a few pics of footwear I make: John
  5. Anybody going? July 12-15 near Linville NC. The largest gathering of the clans in the world! Hope to see ya there. John
  6. My ideal was also my first. A 16 oz. worsted, measured in person, made in Scotland by Geoffry Taylor in the MacKenzie Modern, knife pleats. My second is a Mackenzie Ancient Great Kilt. Haven't decided on what I want for my next one......