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  1. WAHOOOO!!!!!!! let's see that tartan!
  2. I can't get to a Burn's night this year. what are you getting up to?
  3. What is your story? who are you, what do you do, why do you kilt? That is the question. What is your answer? My answer is right here, buried in this monster of a website you just signed into.
  4. THANK YOU!!!!!!! :)))))
  5. I can't go through the whole site in a timely fashion. If you encounter spam, please report the post so I can deal with it.
  6. I went for security additions before they even get to the site Should make it FAR easier.
  7. so far so good. Working on the ramparts now. Will get the bar going soon enough.
  8. In an effort to keep the baddies away, I added a few tools to prevent them from even viewing the site. I hope this will greatly reduce the spammers, even though it may prevent a handful of legit folks from getting here. overall, progress is being made!
  9. gonna need some help resurrecting this, clearing out all the spam and getting it rocking again. any help or ideas are welcome.
  10. Short answer...yes. What happened? 1. New business struggling 2. Kids are teenagers...so stress 3. Diagnosed with diverticulitis, which sucks 4. Have disc that pinches spinal cord, so hands go numb 5. Problems with adults in various orgs I work with 6. Property dispute 7. Divorce crap still hanging over my head What does that mean here? Amadan has been diligent in keeping me up to speed as I have not paid enough attent here. As everything else seems to be going to shit, I will do my best to refocus on the one thing I can work on happily, this brotherhood. I did change registration rules so I have to approve every new user. This should eliminate spammers for now, and I am cleaning out the existing spammers. Thanks you for your everlasting patience while I get my life back together. KT
  11. I know I've not promoted a lot lately, or even been around. Thanks to Amadan for reminding me of my first home.
  12. you will begin to receive emails stating shipment of your orders unless you are just renewing. if you have a renewal and need a duplicate certificate, just let me know.
  13. no excuse for the delays. Everyone who joined in the past year will be upgraded to full lifetime members. Life can't stop the responsibilities of the business.