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  1. Click for review as it is supposed to look. Product: Mesomorph by ABS Flavor: Rocket Pop Category: Pre-Workout Quick Summary Mixability: 4/5 – gritty stuff at the bottom of the shaker Flavor: 5/5 – they nailed it with this flavor! Effectiveness: 2.5/5 – causes so much face itching that it was distracting Value: 3.5/5 – 25 servings for $33 TOTAL: 15/20 Detailed Review Basic disclaimer: This review is based off a single sample that I got at the 2015 Mr. Olympia Expo, so it doesn’t really address how this may work in the long term. I follow a fairly low volume training program, workout early in the morning, and follow a low carb/high protein diet. Those are all factors that may play a role in how a product effects me – so your results may vary. Okay then - here's the review: I was pretty excited to try this one, mostly because of the flavor sounded awesome, ended up deciding I won't be trying this one again. It has good reviews on other sites for some reason though. Mixability I mixed this in a shaker cup with a silicone mixer ball using cold water and it mixed up very easily. I thought it was mixed up well until I go to the bottom of the cup and got a moth full of gritty stuff that was like drinking sand. Yum! Flavor They knocked it out of the park with this flavor! Tastes just like a Rocket Pop - and if you don't know what that is, you need to go educate yourself because you're missing out on a delicious summer treat! The "gritty" stuff I mentioned didn't taste all that good - but I still give this a 5/5 for flavor. Effectiveness Let me show you the ingredient list first: Sorry that is blurry... I didn't realize it until just now... As you can see they pulled the "proprietary blend" trick so you can't tell how much of anything you are taking in. I have a hard time giving a "5" rating when I can't tell if it actually contains an effective dosage of the ingredients, but that isn't why I marked this one down. Let me walk you through what happened the day I tried it - this was a biceps/forearm/back workout day. About 15 minutes after drinking it I started feeling some major itching in my head, neck, and face. We're not talking the "bugs crawling" tingling sensation you normally get with a big dose of beta-alanine - this was more of a "just woke up and found out your face is sunburned" itching burning feeling. By the time I got to the gym I wanted to take sandpaper to my face to make it stop... and my EYELIDS were itching worse than anything else. I actually double checked the label to make sure there was no Niacin in it because it sure felt like I had just taken way too much. It took a full 45 minutes for the face itching to go away completely - and while it was there it was completely distracting during my workout. I'm going to speculate that the beta-alanine had to be in the 3 or more gram range to give such an extreme reaction - and there is NO REASON to put that much into a single dose!! I mean seriously... what is the point?? It is water soluble, you're going to pee it out anyway - that is why you are supposed to take it in multiple doses during the day! Okay anyway... I don't know that it did anything for "pumps" because I was so distracted by wanting to scratch my face off - so no points there. Once the itching finally stopped and I wasn't at the gym anymore I realized that I was completely wired. I mean my eyes were wide open, I felt wide awake, and I felt like my body was on "high alert". It was a great mental boost and I really wish I had felt that way while I had actually been at the gym! It did make me hyperfocused as I was walking through the crowds at Costco to pick up my protein powder... so yeah. That is really where the "2.5" points comes from - that energy boost ALMOST cancels out the ****tiness of the rest of it. Value Not great... More than $1 per serving... and you'd have to pay me more than $1 to take it again. It also doesn't appear to be available at the bigger supplement dealers online, so it is kind of hard to find. Final Conclusion I won't be trying this one again. The "wanting to sand my face off with sandpaper because it itches so much" feeling that lasted for 45 minutes makes me want to stay far far away from this even though it tasted awesome and had a great energy boost.
  2. Properly formatted version of the review click HERE. Quick Summary Product: N.O.-Xplode Pre-workout Igniter by BSN Flavor: Fruit Punch Category: Pre-Workout Mixability: 4/5 - some grit at the bottom of the shaker Flavor: 4.5/5 – very well done fruit punch Effectiveness: 5/5 – I never EVER thought I would say that about NO-Xplode Value: 4/5 – 30 to 45 servings for $30 TOTAL: 17.5/20 - Try This! Detailed Review Basic disclaimer: This review is based off a single sample that I got at the 2015 Mr. Olympia Expo, so it doesn't really address how this may work in the long term. I follow a fairly low volume training program, workout early in the morning, and follow a low carb/high protein diet. Those are all factors that may play a role in how a product effects me - so your results may vary. With that out of the way - NO-Xplode has been around for a long time. I have done many reviews of the various incarnations of it and most of my reviews have come to the same conclusion: It is just a crapload of caffeine that makes me feel like I'm going to have a stroke, it is overpriced, and it isn't worth it. This time around it was totally different! THEY FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT! Mixability I mixed it up in a shaker cup that has a silicone blender ball in it, and it mixed up very quickly and easily with cold water. The fun surprise was opening the shaker and remembering that the stuff is fizzy. By that I mean once you add water it becomes carbonated and bubbly - which is kind of fun. At the bottom of the shaker cup I ran into some sandy grit that tasted pretty nasty when I chewed it up. Flavor I like fruit punch flavor when it is done right - this was pretty good. Being carbonated probably helped, it was like drinking a fizzy fruity drink - you know the kind that we all actually like but pretend we don't so we can sound manly? Oh never mind. Effectiveness Let me run you through exactly how this went today: 1 minute after drinking this my lips started tingling from the Beta-Alanine - I have no idea how much is in it because they pull the "proprietary blend" BS - but it was enough for instant tingling. About 10 minutes later the 300mg of caffeine hit me... I still don't like the caffeine boost that this gives - it is still the "my chest is going to explode" kind of feeling. By the time I got to the gym I was getting more of the "mental boost" that I prefer from a pre-workout. I did a biceps/forearms/back workout today - 1 biceps exercise, 1 forearm, and 2 back. After doing the 2 arm exercises I thought my arms were going to explode, and I was sweating like crazy - so I guess the "thermic" part of the "Thermic Energy" stuff was doing its job. The rest of the workout was really good - very focused, great pumps, and good energy levels. About an hour after the workout I still felt like my biceps were going to explode - so I guess that's a good thing. Of course "big pumps" don't mean "better workouts" - but it sure feels like it! Anyway - label claims met as far as I'm concerned - for the first time in all of the years I've been reviewing this product. Value Not bad for a pre-workout - really good for a pre-workout that works. As I write this it is on sale at one supplement website for "buy one get one 50% off" so that makes it a really good deal. Final Impression I never thought I would say this about N.O.-Xplode - but buy this! I highly recommend this version of it. I am talking specifically about this version - older versions were not nearly as good and I don't know what changes they will make on future versions... so this review is only good for the version in the picture up above! Well done BSN!
  3. Thanks, I'm WAY behind on writing them up - I've actually finished all of the protein powder samples in that list... I just need to find some time to sit and write! The Razor8 was pretty good - I would check out Rhino Black Series, or (I can't believe I'm saying this) the new version of NO-Xplode, they were both better than the Razor8.
  4. Quick Summary Product: Megatron by SAN Flavor: Green Apple Category: Stimulant Free Pre-Workout Mixability: 3/5 – mixes ok, gritty Flavor: 1.5/5 – the aftertaste ruins it Effectiveness: 3/5 - if you can get past the taste. Value: 3/5 – 30 servings for $36 TOTAL: 10.5/20 Detailed Review This review is based on a single sample of this product that I got from the 2015 Mr. Olympia Expo. As a point of reference I tend to follow a fairly low volume training program, which means you may have different results than me if you follow a high volume program. In the case of this sample I took it around 20 minutes before working out, and my workout was done at the end of the day at around 9:30pm. Mixability This didn't mix up very well for me which is strange because I used a shaker bottle with a mixing ball in it, and it doesn't have any creatine in it. Usually the preworkouts that are "gritty" are that way because they have a lot of creatine in them - and creatine doesn't dissolve well in cold water. Whatever the reason - this one was pretty gritty. Flavor This was supposed to be "Green Apple" flavor - it was a very mild apple flavor, not what I had been expecting. It isn't "bad" it just isn't a very strong flavor - at least not the sample pack I tried. Immediately after drinking it you notice the black pepper extract as it makes the back of your throat start to burn which is fun. As you get over that you are hit with an aftertaste that is what I would suspect having a skunk spray directly into your mouth would be like. The best part is that the aftertaste doesn't go away. As I mentioned - I drank this about 20 minutes before my workout... I was still tasting it as I started my workout. Yay. Effectiveness This has quite a few 'good' ingredients in it - so there is a lot of potential for it to be a great product. What I DIDN'T like about it is the fact that it has 2.6 GRAMS of beta-alanine in it! WHY?? By the time I got to the gym I was really feeling the excessive beta-alanine, and combine that with the Niacin (there HAS TO BE more than just 10mg in this) I felt like I was sunburned and covered in spiders. Not a really a pleasant way to start a workout! I did notice a decent amount of "pump" and decent mental focus from the product, so it does get some points in this area. Value At a bit more than $1 a serving, it isn't exactly a great buy - especially when you can get better products for $.50/serving from other companies. Factor in the awful aftertaste, and it drops the value down for me. Final Impression If you can get past the aftertaste and the "I'm sunburned and covered in spiders" feeling it isn't a bad product. You won't see this one on my supplement shelf though - there are plenty of other options out there that taste a lot better and "work" better. Also I have no need for a stimulant free pre-workout as I usually workout first thing in the morning and need a lot of help waking up!
  5. Click here for the actual article formatted like it should look... Quick Summary Product: Razor8 Blast Powder by Allmax Nutrition Flavor: Key Lime Cherry Category: Pre-Workout Mixability: 3.5/5 – mixes ok, gritty Flavor: 4/5 – the gritty part tastes like lime powder Effectiveness: 3.5/5 – pretty good. Value: 4.5/5 – 60 servings for $34 TOTAL: 15.5/20 Detailed Review Lets start out with a couple of quick notes about this review. 1) I am basing this review on 2 sample packs that I received at the 2015 Mr. Olympia Expo and used on 2 separate days, so this isn't a long term review. 2) Your results may vary from mine – but so you can compare: I workout first thing in the morning following a fairly low volume training program. I generally take my preworkout followed by a protein shake around 20-30 minutes before my workout. If you are in a similar situation – you may have the same type of results. I am pretty picky about my pre-workout supplements. I have tried so many different versions over the years, I have a pretty good idea of what I want to see... This one looked promising when I read the label, and I liked the fact that it actually listed what was in it instead of saying "proprietary blend". Mixability I mixed this up in a shaker bottle with a mixing ball in it... and it appeared to mix up pretty well until I actually went to drink it. It was pretty gritty at the bottom of the shaker. That makes sense since it has 4g of creatine per serving, and creatine doesn't mix very well in water. The fun surprise though was that the grit wasn't ONLY creatine - it was apparently the lime flavoring! That was a fun surprise. Flavor The surprise lime powder ties really well into the flavor section... it tastes pretty good, but when you get that batch of powder at the end it is pretty much like sucking on a lime! Luckily I really like lime flavor, so this one was pretty good in my opinion. Effectiveness This one is one that I would definitely like to try more of in the future. The energy boost was really good and came on right about the time I got to the gym. Not a "jittery" energy boost, more of a "clean" energy boost that made me feel wide awake and focused. I am not a big fan of the "my heart is going to pop out of my chest" energy feeling that makes you feel like you're probably going to die before the workout is over - so I was pretty happy that this product DIDN'T do that! As far as the extreme pumps that I was supposed to feel - I didn't notice anything spectacular until after the workout was over. I've noticed that products that are using Agmatine as their "pump provider" don't seem to do much for me with my lower volume training program, so maybe if you do a higher volume program it may be better. Value Around $34 for 60 servings on Amazon right now is a pretty darn good deal. Final Opinion I wasn't "super impressed" with this one, but I think I might pick up a full tub of it to give it a better chance once I am done testing out all of my samples from the Olympia. The flavor was pretty good, the energy boost/focus was great, the "pumps" were OK... and the price is great - so why not.
  6. Properly formatted review here: Quick Summary Product: Platinum Beef Protein by Muscletech Flavor: Double Dutch Chocolate Category: Protein Mixability: 0/5 – barely mixes Flavor: -15/5 – tastes bad. really really bad. with an even worse aftertaste. Effectiveness: 0/5 – I couldn't drink it Value: 0/5 – Doesn't matter what it costs, it tastes awful TOTAL: -15/20 (that is negative 15 out of 20, just to be clear) Detailed Review This review was done based on 2 sample packs that I received at the 2015 Mr. Olympia Expo. I mixed both packets in a regular shaker bottle (no blender ball or other mixing device in it) using cold water. I drink a lot of protein shakes, so I have a pretty good idea of what is possible as far as flavoring - and I have pretty high expectations... which were crushed in a horrific fashion. Mixability I could tell we were going to have a problem right off the bat when I put the powder in my shaker cup and started to add water. The water just sat on top of the powder and didn't mix into it - that isn't normal. I shook it up for a good 30 seconds as I do with any other supplement and opened up the top to look inside - I saw a bunch of floating chunks on the surface of some light brown water. Looking into the bottle from the bottom I could see a big clump of powder stuck to the bottom of the shaker that didn't mix in. I added some more water and shook it up again for another 30 seconds... same situation only now there was less stuck to the bottom and more chunks floating around. I decided to try drinking it - which was a mistake, but we'll get to that in the flavor section. After attempting to drink it and mostly having to chew chunks, I added more water and shook it up again to try to get some more powder out of the shaker... again I chewed on some more chunks of powder. After that the bottle looked like this: I ended up having to use a scrub brush and dish soap to get the rest of the chunks out of there! Flavor This is where this product really shines - flavor. It is definitely memorable. It is exactly what I would imagine it would taste like if a hoard of zombies held you down and took turns pooping into your mouth. No... it is probably worse than that. Honestly the very first sip wasn't bad - it was kind of like a chocolaty coffee flavor at first... but the finish on it was more like raw sewage. The fact that it didn't mix at all and was full of chunks didn't help because you had to chew up the chunks - which tasted even worse than the liquid around them. If it hadn't been for the fact that I didn't have any other protein powder to drink at the time I was testing this I would have dumped it out into a bio-hazardous waste bag to have it destroyed - but I didn't and I needed to get my macros for that meal. It was bad enough that my coworkers noticed and asked if I was OK. The worst part about it is that the awful taste didn't just go away! I drank a couple of glasses of water and ate some peanut butter - but I could still taste it!! I have to wonder if the person that approved the taste of this was either playing a prank or if maybe they don't have taste buds. Either way - I hope they don't work there anymore. Effectiveness Who knows how effective this COULD be - it tastes so bad you would have to pay me to drink it again. For me the effectiveness is zero, because it would just sit there on the counter top not being used. Value Like I said, you would have to pay me to drink this a second time... so yeah that about sums it up. Final Conclusion Stay far far away from this ****.
  7. Actual review here: Quick Summary Product: Secret Sauce from MuscleMeds Flavor: Punch Category: Post Workout Carbs Mixability: 4/5 – mixes quickly Flavor: 2/5 – chalky, terrible aftertaste Effectiveness: 2/5 – I wouldn't be able to drink it often enough for it to be useful Value: 2/5 – $40 for 20 servings TOTAL: 10/20 Detailed Review Quick note: This review is based on a single sample that I got while at the 2015 Mr. Olympia Expo. I took this one time after a workout, and I used a regular shaker bottle with no "blender ball" or other gizmo in it for mixing it. I have had other MuscleMeds products in the past, and I liked them so I had high expectations. Mixability This mixed up pretty easily in my standard shaker bottle. Not a whole lot to say about it other than "Yup, it mixed up pretty well." Flavor This one is where things all went to hell. The first sip was decent - just tasted like fruit punch. After a few more sips I noticed that the texture was a little "off" not like you would expect when drinking something that tastes like fruit punch - very chalky. The next thing I noticed was that each sip of it seemed to dry my mouth out more and more. It reminded me of when I was in high school and I would drink those "Blue Thunder" pre-mixed drinks. You always ended up with your mouth all dried out and strange chunks of phlegm in your throat. This did the same thing. The worst part about this was that it has a gross aftertaste that lingers. I also started feeling kind of nauseous about 10 minutes after drinking it - I don't know if that is related or not, but I'm not going to try it again to find out. Effectiveness The concept of this product is great, and the ingredients seem solid so I would imagine it could be pretty effective if you could get past the strange texture issues and the bad aftertaste. For me personally it would not be effective at all because I couldn't make myself drink this after every workout - which is why I rated it 2/5. I see that on some supplement sites it is rated pretty highly - maybe I'm just a wimp. Value $2 per serving - kind of expensive. I rated this 2/5 because of the relative value of buying something that is expensive and doesn't taste good... not a good use of $40 in my opinion. Final Conclusion I wouldn't buy this. When I first saw the product I was excited about it based on the ingredients and the general idea of it... but after trying it I would rather use the $40 to buy my food for the week and just continue using protein powder and candy as my post workout!
  8. Great trip! We got smart this year and checked out Groupon before we left and got some great deals on food and on a show we were going to see.
  9. It was crazy this year! My wife got me a package deal where we got early access to the Expo on both days this year... so we really made out like bandits. I will add new reviews into this thread to keep the amount of non-kilt related threads to a minimum
  10. Here is one I wrote up last night: Actual blog post: Quick Summary Product: Rival Whey from Rivalus Flavor: Chocolate Category: Protein Powder Mixability: 5/5 - mixes instantly Flavor: 5/5 - tastes like hot cocoa Effectiveness: 5/5 - it is whey protein and delicious... Value: 3/5 – whey isolate is always expensive... TOTAL: 18/20 Detailed Review Today I tried out Rival Whey from Rivalus. At the 2015 Olympia Expo I managed to get a couple of samples of this - so I did my review based on mixing up 2 pouches (equal to 2 scoops) with water as I would normally do in the morning before heading to the gym. Mixability I poured 2 sample pouches into a shaker cup and added some cold water and shook it up for 20-30 seconds without a blender ball or other mixer in the shaker cup... and it mixed up perfectly! This is a blended protein claiming a high percentage of whey protein isolate - often when mixing up whey protein isolate you end up with foam/bubbles if you shake it up in a shaker cup, that wasn't the case with Rival Whey. I was able to simply shake it up, pop the top of the cup, and chug it down without having to wait for bubbles to go away or having to flush the cup out with more water to get the foamy part out. Very nice! Flavor This was a nice simple chocolate whey protein powder - so I wasn't expecting big things. It is pretty hard to mess up chocolate, but a lot of companies seem to have found creative ways to do it - luckily Rivalus got it right! This stuff was really good, it tasted just like a nice cup of hot chocolate that reminded me of coming in from playing in the snow as a kid. They nailed it on this one, I could easily see myself drinking this every day without a problem. Effectiveness It is hard to say how truly "effective" this is without doing a much more thorough analysis using specialized equipment - so I am basing this rating on things I can assess in my kitchen. We know that whey protein isolate is one of the best for a quick digesting protein, and that is what Rival Whey is primarily made of - so it gets points there. It tastes good, so I'm not likely to skip a shake because of the flavor - so that is some more points. Based on those 2 factors, I rated it a 5. Maybe that is a bit too generous? If you think so, get your own blog and do your own reviews! Value A 2lb container costs around $30. That certainly isn't cheap for a blended protein powder, but it also isn't the most expensive. I have seem some go for a whole lot more money, and some going for less. I gave it a 3/5 in this category mostly because I'm cheap, and $15 per pound is more than I like to spend for my protein powder. Final Conclusion This one is a winner. It nicely fills the need for a blended protein powder if you are looking for something delicious and affordable. I wish I had more samples of this one because I wouldn't mind having it again tomorrow!
  11. Here are some pictures I took the day we got home - this is just my portion of the goodies, my wife has just as much for herself: 7 shaker bottles (one of which I paid for - the hand grenade shaped one), 1 water bottle with straw, 2 tubs of Rivalus preworkout, 1 tub of Results Nutrition preworkout, a tub of Sweet Sweat (???), 2 boxes of energy chews, a protein muffin, a bunch of Redline's new flavor drinks, and a few other things that you can see. These 3 bags have my samples in them: Plus I ended up with 13 t-shirts - some of which are the wrong size... so they will be getting passed along One of them- the shirt from Black Skull is really cool and I wish I had been able to get more than one of:
  12. So every year I go to Vegas for the Mr. Olympia Weekend. Part of that weekend is an expo where I get piles and piles of free supplements. This year was no exception - and my wife and I actually had to buy a new suitcase to get all of our stuff home. We ended up with over 120lbs of checked luggage - and that is with our clothes all in our carry-on bags! Anyway - a tradition that I've had for the past 8 or 9 years is that I do reviews of the supplements and post them up online. Would you guys be interested at all in having me post up a copy of the reviews over here? Here is a list of what I got this year - so you can see what reviews will be coming up. A couple of the things on the list are already reviewed so you can click on the name to see a review: Protein Powder CarneBolic hydrolyzed beef protein isolate (Ultimate Nutrition) Carnivor Beef Protein Isolate (MuscleMeds) x2 Carnivor Mass (MuscleMeds) x3 Syntha-6 (BSN) x2 Isoburn (BSN) x2 Pro-Antium (Ronnie Coleman signature series) - 1/4 size sample Protein Energy (Optimum Nutrition) x4 Gold Standard 100% Whey (Optimum Nutrition) Gold Standard 100% Casein (Optimum Nutrition) x3 Quest Protein (Quest Nutrition) Monster Isolate (Cytosport) Pure Whey Plus (Champion Performance) 100% Casein Fusion (SAN) 100% Pro Platinum Whey Isolate (MHP) Promasil (Rivalus) x4 Rival Whey (Rivalus) x2 ProtiZyme (Metabolic Nutrition) Platinum 100% Beef Protein (Muscletech) x2 Myofusion Advanced Protein (Gaspari) Whey Zero (Black Skull) Holy Whey (Black Skull) Mutant Mass (Mutant) x3 Micellar Casein (Mutant) Pro100 (Mutant) x2 Rice Protein (Nutribolic) Isoflex (Allmax Nutrition) Best Protein (BPI Sports) IsoHD (BPI Nutrition) x2 Whey Protein Isolate (Now Nutrition) VP2 Whey Protein Isolate (AST Sports Science) Raptor HP Beef Peptides (AST Sports Science) Impact Whey Protein (MyProtein) x2 RCP Real Chicken Protein (Crave) x2 FiberDx (BarnDad's) Pre-Workout No2 Black (MRI) x6 MPACT Energy Ignitor (Dymatize Nutrition) Maximum Pump (IML) Rhino Black Series (Musclesport) x3 Rhino Revolution 2.0 (Musclesport) x5 Neurovol stimulant free (Musclesport) x2 Noxipro (CTD) Results Creatify (Results Nutrition) Results Strongify (Results Nutrition) x1 full size tub + 1 sample NO-Explode (BSN) x3 Vaso ODT (Phytonutritia) Best Creatine (BPI Sports) CGP (Metabolic Nutrition) Xpedite (SNAC) x2 ENGN (Evlution Nutrition) x2 Jack'd Up (Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals) Gold Standard Pre-Workout (Optimum Nutrition) x4 Razor8 Blast Powder (Allmax) x2 Mesomorph (APS) Intense Veinz (Insane Labs) x2 Schizo (Insane Labs) x2 Psychotic (Insane Labs) x2 Mutant Pump (Mutant) Outrage (Nutrex) Supernova (Nutribolics) x2 Megatron (SAN) Powder Burn 2.0 (Rivalus) x2 full tubs + 2sample size 1MR Vortex (BPI Sports) MyPre (MyProtein) x2 ESP (Metabolic Nutrition) Maximum Pump (IML) BCAA A-10 Amino Matrix (Evlution Nutrition) x2 5 serving samples AminoX (BSN ) x6 Amino Energy (Optimum Nutrition) x2 BCAA Revolution (Musclesport) Amino Pro (Dymatize Nutrition) Tri-Pep (Metabolic Nutrition) HumaPro (ALR Industries) x2 Amino Decanate (MuscleMeds) x3 LMITRIX BCAA (Albion Laboratories) x3 Aminolast (Gaspari Nutrition) Myoplex MYO (EAS) x2 Alien Recovery (Insane Labs) x2 Best BCAA (BPI Sports) x2 BCAA Pro Reloaded (SAN) Amino Drive (Nutrex) BCAA Energy 10x (MHP) iBCAA 4:1:1 (MyProtein) Amino Energy (Optimum Nutrition) x1 bottle Energy/Fat Burner Bang Energy Drink (VPX) Redline Xtreme Star Blast Flavor (VPX) x2 bottles Redline Xtreme Sour Heads (VPX) x2 bottles Redline Xtreme Blue Razz (VPX) x1 bottle Turbo Tea Zero (ABB) x1 bottle Complete Energy Bites (Max Performance) x2 boxes of 6 Thermo Detonator (Grenade) x2 Sculptify (Results Nutrition) Lipo 6-Rx (Nutrex) x2 Stimeres-ES (Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals) Hyper Cuts (CTD) Burn XS (BPI Sports) Carnibolic (Nutrabolics) FV2 Lean Fuel (IML) x2 Tight Xtreme Reloaded (SAN) Lipodrene (Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals) Lean EFX (Formutech Nutrition) Hydroxycut SX-7 Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen (Muscletech) HydroxyElite (Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals) Viper Hyperdrive (ALR Industries) Intra-Workout/Post-Workout Secret Sauce (MuscleMeds) Co-H2O (MRI Performance) x4 Glycofuse (Gaspari) TAG (Metabolic Nutrition) Dark Matter (MHP) Other Flap Jacked Mighty Muffin - add water and microwave protein muffin Protein Infused Almond Fluffbutter (D's Naturals) x2 flavors Noxitropin (CTD) - sleep aid Resurrect (Ronnie Coleman Signature Series) - sleep aid Dream Grow (IML) - sleep aid Hibern8 (Nutrex) - sleep aid Muscle Recovery (Tapout) - pain relief rub Sweet Sweat (SR Sports Research) - cream to make you sweat more?? Protein Bites (Novo) - 3 packs of protein chips CHX ISO Protein and fiber crisps (CHX-ISO) 2 packs of chips Better Stevia (Now Nutrition) x2 packets Let me know if you guys see something you want to know more information about...
  13. Welcome! Given your long term American lineage - you might like the American Heritage tartan that USA Kilts has to offer. I have it in their Casual Kilt model - and it looks fantastic. The fabric doesn't wrinkle easily either, so that is a nice bonus. Here is a pic of it in action at an Oktoberfest event: