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  1. I don't always wear kilt pins, but when I do it's either my clan (Cameron) or my family (U.S. Marine Corps). Having said that, I would wear whatever you feel comfortable with . . . Why not something fun? I've NEVER had a problem with kilt "fly up," but my wife sometimes does. She hates it when someone gets a "free show." (Truth be told, I love brazen women that aren't afraid to see if what they've heard is true.) Kilts should make you happy, so wear what makes you happy! Slainte,
  2. Congratulations! We hope to close on 26 January, having departed the "frozen tundra" just north of Chicago for the foothills of Western North Carolina. It's amazing how much more pleasurable the kilts are when the outside temperature is above ZERO! I can wear one a day, and only have to wear it twice a month! Can't wait to add to the collection, and hopefully get a couple local brewhouses to start a tartan Tuesday program. We've found a couple of other "kilted guys" in Morganton, NC, and are doing our best to "convert" other non-believers! I'm on a mission from god, or John Jameson . . . . Happy Christmas!
  3. How do you lose in a kilt? FREEDOM!!!! How about the Klaus in a kilt?
  4. I'm soooo confused by all this, but then, I'm Irish! Or, Welsh . . . . I don't know, but I'm happily kilted and for a guy my age, that's enough! Now, what were we talking about? (I should have made a list!) Happy Christmas, y'all
  5. Anxious to know more about the challange coin (ALWAYS have my Marine Corps, it's got me more than one free drink), and patches. Yes, patches, we need more stinkin' patches . . . (Treasure of the Sierra Madre reference, in case you couldn't hear the accent). Happy Christmas, y'all!
  6. Morganton, NC needs one of these! I need to speak with the owners of a couple of the "pubs." You "yankees" should come visit, when you walk in the woods you hear the music . . . (Last of the Mohicans was filmed here!) Peace,
  7. Hey John, how do you have more awards than me? (Aren't you glad you were introduced to the joy of unbifurgated garmets?) Love ya' dude . . . Grandfather Mountain in '16!
  8. Sorry, I feel like we're doing this alphabetically . . . and my last name starts with Zw . . . Is it too late to get involved with the second run? This tartan is SOOOOOO SHARP! And, who couldn't use another kilt? Most months have at least 30 days, right? Peace,
  9. Freddie Prinze would say "Loooking Good!"
  10. A beautiful piece. I fancy myself a bit of a knife maker, but I've not been daring enough to try a sgian, yet. As we get settled in NC I may give it a go, but for now I proudly wear some of Drac's work. A gift from a great friend, FJR1300 . . . (thanks, John!) Peace,
  11. Since embracing my Celtic heritage, and my kilts, I can't imagine not being unbifurgated! I'm proud to say I got John (FJR1300) his first! Love ya' John! Peace, Z
  12. Welcome from the foothills of Western North Carolina, formerly from Highland Park, Illinois! Peace, Z
  13. Welcome from the foothills of North Carolina! Yep, NC, NOT Chicago's North Shore. We are "officially" NOT residents of Illinois! Slainte
  14. Why must we always do things alphabetically? I'm always the last to know . . . Peace, Z
  15. Must be a "Carolina thing . . ." Did you make it to Scotland, to do your hiking? We missed Grandfather Mtn., in Chicago trying to sell our home. See you soon! Peace . . . Z