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  1. I wasn't aware that this existed, what's the deal?
  2. Where did you get them? A bit big for my boy yet but if the price is right....
  3. I had them knit for me, they aren't in stock long enough to be able to list the red ones. Drop a message requesting a custom knit pair in red.
  4. I'm not big on itchy hose, I wish there was a itch-free solution outside of wearing knee high nylons underneath. Because I'd love a high end pair of hose!
  5. Curious if anyone has checked these out on etsy.... I think I want ONE more pair!
  6. I never win anything, this will likely not be a winning post either
  7. I believe the tartan kilts are traditional in construction style, but I would email Brice and ask any questions you have before spending your hard earned cake on a kilt you are unsure of.
  8. Welcome back! I figured you left because I joined the forum! I have that effect on people
  9. #1 New Lennox #2 Rolling Meadows #3 Calumet City #4 Lake in the Hills
  10. Welcome from the 4th most boring city in Illinois!
  11. Link to the hose garters I wonder if kilt hose are in the works?
  12. I recently stumbled on this vendor on Etsy, very prompt on answering my questions, and lightning fast on shipping my items out, and one pair of knit garters was specially made in my selected color, they are quite nice, VERY well made and hold up a pair of kilt hose like nothing doing! I have field tested them and can report that very little tension is needed to hold things in place, even with a Sgian Dubh in my hose. If you are in the market for some quality hose garters, check out these acrylic hand knits, the price is awesome at just $15 per pair, and a few dollars for shipping... How can you go wrong? Wool hose garters are also available for a few bones more.. As many know I'm all about DIY and hand crafted things and this carries over to the items I purchase. Head over to and check out blueridgeknits. Then buy some garters and support a craftsman! Here is the heathered teal garters against my Albannach tartan kilt from rocky at USA kilts. Golden yellow..... Red..... One of each... And the action shot...
  13. Welcome from the corrupt state of Illinois!