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  1. I sported mine for church a day early. Doesn't mean I won't kilt up again tomorrow, though!
  2. Dressed up the SportKilt for this one. Tartan is actually US Forces Thurso, but sold as USAF. I'd say it still works for a 'civilian semi-formal' military event!
  3. From Nebraska... The Good Life. Currently, though, in Montgomery, AL for a year to attend Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell AFB.
  4. I'm thinking of looking for (or more likely looking to have made) a kilt pin that celebrates my Nebraska heritage. In keeping with the tradition of the thistle (of which there are also plenty in Nebraska), I think a pin that features our state flower (goldenrod) could be kinda cool. Thoughts? For those that do their own pewter casting, how difficult (and costly) would it be to do something like this?
  5. Thoughts are with you and yours, Tony. Stephen
  6. Welcome from the heartland! Nebraska... The Good Life.
  7. Concur with my brothers above. I'd like to think it was a simple oversight or pure ignorance. It's surprising to me how many folks don't understand that intellectual property IS property nor the ethical issues around it. May be your chance to provide some direct education.
  8. Observed National Tartan Day at church this morning!
  9. Not looking to hijack the thread, but I'm actually currently active duty and a very proud conehead! I'm at USSTRATCOM now getting ready to head back to a missile wing this summer. I've heard of no plans to ditch the ABUs entirely, but they aren't wearing them downrange. If I heard correctly they're wearing the Army's version of multicam (as a missileer it's not very likely for me to deploy). I do know the ABU fabric is expensive - that's why Seamus only offers it in the Commando Kilt class. (There - we're back on track with the thread!)
  10. I say go for it, but then I bleed Husker red!!! The U of Nebraska Alumni Assoc. has a tartan registered, but I don't know that it's ever been woven. It's on my wishlist for a kilt down the road, but I could see myself wearing a solid scarlet. Go Big Red!!!!
  11. Love my USAF ABU specialty fabric from Sportkilt, and it's hard to beat their excellent service, but have to echo the difficulty with keeping the pleats looking good. Guess it makes sense, though - the fact that the fabric doesn't hold a wrinkle is why I love it for my uniform!
  12. Welcome from America's Heartland - Nebraska, The Good Life! (Though for the next nine weeks I'm hanging at the Joint Forces Staff College just down the road from Naval Station Norfolk in VA)
  13. Gonna be in Norfolk for ten weeks and deciding whether it's worth packing a kilt or two. Any recommendations on must-visit establishments?
  14. Merry Christmas to all! May this holiday season bring blessings of peace and joy to you and your kin!