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  1. Gerard Butler wears kilts, but not much else. Good thing his mom is there to look out for him...
  2. 1 comment was hidden for spam. Thanks for reporting it.
  3. Thanks Tony. Mine was marred by hilarious disasters including an overcooked roast, burnt vegetables, and a rancid matzo ball chicken soup. We all laughed about the whole thing, even the people that made them. Fortunately, my dessert came from a bottle of Glenlivet 18 so things ended well.
  4. I was treated to some of the best bagpipe music in the world last night. The UC Riverside Pipe Band hosted their annual Harry Moore Memorial Solo Piping and Drumming Competition. I was drafted to serve the ale of the evening which enabled me to see the entire kitchen piping competition. Here are some of the more famous pipers who performed: Ian Whitelaw Lorne Cousin Colin Armstrong Austin Diepenhorst When all was said and done, Colin Armstrong had taken 1st Prize, followed by Ian Whitelaw, and Austin Diepenhorst. Just before the Patti and I left, I had a little hero worship moment and got Colin Anderson and Lorne Cousin to take a photo with me and one of my fellow bagpipe students, Cori.
  5. Welcome to the asylum, from Southern California, USA!
  6. I'm also a first-year bagpipe student. Welcome to your new asylum, from a guy in Southern California!
  7. Welcome to the asylum, from Southern California!
  8. I wore my tartan tank at the top of the Empire State Building on a cold and windy winter night. With a light sweatshirt and kilt hose, I was nice and warm.
  9. My condolences to you and your family, Tony. I'm happy her pain has ended. A dram will be raised this evening for her.
  10. Sounds like you're doing a darn good job. Congrats for the non-fitting kilts. My condolences for the non-fitting kilts.
  11. So you're tormentors are improving your exercise routine, thereby making you stronger and faster when needing to kill them? AWESOME!
  12. Nay, a 20,000 Leagues reference might be more appropriate here.
  13. Any conversations with the bifurcated public about your kilt?