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  1. Well I lost 111lbs so far and I have been lucky enough to find a kilt maker who also does alterations. I have two in right now and in November, I'll give her three more when I pass through while going to Canada. These weren't simple move the buckle alterations either and considering the cost of a new kilt....well I can get three altered (maybe four) for the cost of one new one.
  2. macmanjim, you CAN go under your spouse's tartan, if you were in the military you could use theirs. Some colleges have tartans as well. There are several national tartans. The field is wide open.
  3. Who are you trying to get hold of?
  4. ST-103

    Dress set

    Hey Drac, I wonder what a kick in the 'nads would do then? Seriously, nice.
  5. Crimony I won something.  :rolleyes:


  6. ST-103

    Big news

    You know this could either be good or bad, let's hope for good though and congrats!
  7. I have several, one that I use most is my Cold Steel one. Jim has made me one and I am extremely happy with that one too.
  8. I have them seen in the front and had to bite my tongue since there was no time to help him out till later
  9. It looks like you had a great time, but it also looks like I have to get my eyes checked. I could hardly focus on anything.
  10. My dispenser is on the fritz for the next couple of days until I can get the dumafloge installed to make it run better
  11. The guy up above has a sense of humor guys and hey if there was no gust of wind the gals would never be happy.
  12. I am lucky enough to be able to get seven of my eight kilts in wool....Okay I have more but I think I outgrew others so there's actually more you know. I will wear mine with polo shirts or jackets as well as formally. Wear them the way you feel best although I would advise not wearing them around your head along with having the pleats in the rear. Kilt on!
  13. If everybody is to dumb to pony up I'll take it Drac, I think it's great but something tells me that there will be a stampede when they see it. I mean I have one and a couple ordered, I figure that puts me down the list quite a bit.