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  1. My son is in first grade and just joined the cub scouts. Seems like everything I find online talks about MacLaren tartan being the official BSA kilt. Is that correct? I'd like my son to be able to wear his MacDonald kilt and once I complete my leader training wear my Jones of Wales kilt. Guess I'll have to talk to the scout master about it.
  2. I'm a bit late with this because September was the official month, but this showed up on my Facebook newsfeed. http://kiltedtokickcancer.org/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_fxdMCysBc&list=UUr-m5fmvYoim63-qXsdnnkw#t=10 Dunk your junk!
  3. Yes, I recall a British scientist on a film reel we watched in high school chemistry talking about "Aluminium." Oddly enough, my spell checker did not mark that spelling as incorrect.
  4. http://www.livescience.com/33652-americans-brits-accents.html I found this article really intriguing, but really, can we really know how people spoke 250 years ago? I do however like the theory that it is the British whose accents have changed and not the Americans.
  5. I too am a mutt. The only thing I can say for sure is Welsh on my mother's side. Her maiden name is Jones and my Great Grandfather was a Welsh immigrant who first worked the coal mines in Scranton, PA. His wife was also a Welsh immigrant, but he met her state side. I don't know her maiden name. Figuring out my mother's maternal side is also a chore with name changes. My grandmother's maiden name was Strauss which I would guess is German, but her father's name was listed as Frank Andrews. I have no documentation of this, but somebody once said it was a Polish name Androwski, the family Anglicized their name to Andrews at Ellis Island, but later he decided to change it to Strauss somehow taking that from the middle of the name Androwski, which is why Strauss is on my Grandmother's birth certificate. Like I said, sounds far fetched. The only other name I found in this line was Weber. Gambrill is my name. I've traced my lineage back to 1855 where Gideon Gambrel (my great great great grandfather) married Ann Towers. That's my dead end there. Another name that popped up in that line was Willis. My paternal Grandmother's maiden name was Stull. She was the product of the Stull/Gaul marriage. Gaul I think is French. Stull I always thought was German. As for Ancestry.com, I've never been willing to pay. Other more pressing matters have taken priority of paying for that. Hopefully someday I can work it into my budget.
  6. Been trying to figure out the origins of my own surname. My family spells it Gambrill, but even in our own family bible the above variations are seen. In my research, I have found 2 most likely origins. 1. French (yuck!) Gambrel is a French word for a certain style of roof. In the 16th century many French protestants fled to southern England to avoid persecution by the Catholic church. Some people may have been given surnames based on their occupations. A roofer could have been named Gambrel. 2. Norse origin. Variant on the name Gamal which means "the old one" in Danish and Swedish. There are records of the name in Northern England and Scotland as early as the 11th century. A third possibility, but not very likely is that it is a variant on the Scottish Clan Campbell. I would like to go with that, but like I said, not very likely. My paternal origins remain a mystery.
  7. They were at the Fair Hill Scottish Games in Maryland yesterday. Only caught a little bit. They followed North Sea Gas which is a tough act to follow. Still sounded pretty good from what I heard.
  8. Photos and videos from the day. My kids dancing to North Sea Gas live! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW5J0-325-4&list=UUBydltCzqQSgaqSraEVbrQA Mass pipe and drum bands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQskD43pZUw&list=UUBydltCzqQSgaqSraEVbrQA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nerRuMRW-Co&list=UUBydltCzqQSgaqSraEVbrQA A picture of my son and me! My kids dancing Miss Hollywood with North Sea Gas in the background.
  9. Had a great time today. Will post some photos and videos later.
  10. Sorry for the late notice. http://www.fairhillscottishgames.org Been awfully busy lately.
  11. Sounds awesome! Going to try to make out for Saturday at least.
  12. A man walks into the veterinarian's office with a bird cage. "Doc, you gotta help. I think my bird is sick!" The doctor took the bird out of the cage and found that it was unresponsive and had no heart beat and was not breathing. "Sir, I am sorry, but your bird is dead." "Please Doc, there's got to be something you can do!" "Okay, let me try one thing." The doctor left the room and came back in with a Labrador retriever. He led the dog over to the bird. The dog sniffed at it a bit and nudged it with his nose. Then looked up at the doctor and whimpered. "Sir, I am sorry, but this confirms it, your bird is dead." "No. I refuse to accept this. Isn't there anything else you can do?" "Well, I have one last thing I can try." The doctor led the dog out of the room and returned with a cat. The cat approached the bird. Poked at it a few times with his claws, then lost interest and walked away. "Sir, I am sorry, but your bird is dead, and there is absolutely nothing else I can do for you." "Okay, thanks for your efforts Doc." The doctor then handed the man a bill for $2,500. "What? 2500 dollars? Why is this bill so high?" "Well, I wasn't going to charge you anything, but then you insisted that I order a lab report and a cat scan."
  13. First time I saw this thread. Totally looking forward to a few years from now when my son joins the scouts and goes kilted.