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  1. So far 150 are interested, and 50 say they are going. most of the interested won't show, and at least half of the going will go. I bet 50 or so end up showing.
  2. Hey guys I'm hosting another Kilt night in North Houston. Jan 9th at 9:00 at The Gooses Acre. Feel free to register in the -> Facebook Event
  3. I'm downstairs in on of the rooms if anyone is looking
  4. Roll call... Is anyone else planning to attend? I'd rather not go on a kilt night by myself. I've posted to a Housotn based fb group, with a few people saying yes. But we all know that means nothing. I don't expect to see them. I have reached out to the Houston Highland games as well. :/
  5. As a follow up: I did get a classic green. Thanks for all the input. I have seen the penny stoves you are talking about. The penny isn't necessary btw If your pan is sitting on top of the can, the center part won't have air to burn. If I went backpack camping, I'd definitely consider it.
  6. I was in the market to buy a stove for an upcoming trip, and future trips as well. I was looking at the Coleman Triton, and the Classic Green Coleman stove. And I have to ask, what is the difference other than 2,000 BTU's and $20. And to you really think it is worth it? As a primer: I don't do really cold weather camping and don't have a need for dual fuel, or an extremely high 50,000 BTU stove. Thanks in advance. I just don't see what the big difference between the stoves are and if the extra $20 is worth it.
  7. Since my original post was not moved to the proper forum, I thought I would just post here. On May 30th, 2015 there will be a kilt night at The Goose's Acre in The Woodlands, TX. (21 Waterway Ave. Suite 140. 77380) I will start at 8:00. Bring a friend, bring your kilt, have a beer.
  8. Here you guys go. May 30th, The Goose's Acre in The Woodlands, TX at 8:00
  9. As an update, I've had a couple friends, and members on another forum say the 30th of May would work for them as well. So that is fixed. Right now we are looking at 4-7 people. I'm sure we will get more people with it being a month and a half out.
  10. The shirt is a cool design man. I wouldn't have gone with that front design, but I like it.
  11. Congrats! I'm a Navy vet myself. Ya, I think we will be looking at the 30th. I'm suggesting the Gooses Acre in the Woodlands, but I'm open to suggestions.
  12. And how can we change the name of this thread? Or delete it and I can re-post. I appreciate it being moved from the new members area, but the title is confusing / misleading.
  13. Since the Comic Con is May 22-25, how about the 30th?