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  1. Please do. I'm 10 minutes from Williamsburg.
  2. Hello all!! I'm Paul from near the coast of beautiful Virginia. Though I've read this forum before this is my first time actually joining up and getting involved. I love reading what everyone has to say and it seems like a great community in which to be involved. I own three kilts so far and have been kilted pretty regularly for the last couple of years. Took a while to get my wife to buy into the idea of going out in public with me, til she finally realized that there were far too many women who did like the kilted look of a man! She now openly supports me wearing it anywhere I go and is proud to be seen with me in it AND wears a minikilt of her own now. I look forward to joining in on discussions on the forum. If you're ever in the Hampton Roads area let me know. We'll go to the pub for a few rounds!!