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  1. Hi, I'm trying to trace my Dads WW2 footprints. My Dad passed away in 2010 but never really spoke about the war only small parts in later years. I'm 99% sure my Dad served as part of 242 Battery support unit (61st Anti-Tank RA) 51st Highland Division, although he did mention 193 Battery. I also know my Dad served in North Africa campaign inc Tunisia etc (Desert rats) He also served in Sicily campaign . They returned from Sicily to UK and was stationed at High Wycombe where there prepared for D-Day I'm sure My Dads regiment landed on Sword beach on d-Day+1 I know my Dad was injured during this time with shrapnel wounds from a. Mortar shell and was taken back to England to Hospital before he rejoined his regiment. I'm not sure though about where or when my Dad was wounded although he told me it was at Caen and after treatment back in England he rejoined his regiment in Eindhoven ? I still have to get this part confirmed. My Dad met my Mom whilst billeted in Enschede Holland before his regiment pushed into Germany towards Bremen and later he must have returned back to Enschede because he married my Mom on 19-08-1946 in Enschede. I would love to track my dads WW2 footprints so any help would be very gratefully accepted. Thank you.