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  1. I'm sure this is not a topic particularly new to anyone venturing out in a kilt, and was recently in the news (I'm sure it was posted elsewhere here http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/255518/scottish-bartenders-stop-wearing-kilts-because-women-wont-stop-groping-them/) when a Scottish pub retired their kilts in favor of tartan troo$er$, but thought I would share my experience from today... I wore my kilt in to work today, and I work in downtown Houston. Our city has surprised me in how kilt-friendly it is, but I've also met lots of Scottish ex-pats here who have transferred due to jobs in oil, so perhaps it shouldn't be too surprising. Anyway, I'm walking around downtown on my way to grab a sandwich for lunch, and I pass a pair of "older" ladies (maybe mid-30's) walking with what I presume to be their two sons, probably in the 9-12 year old range. Shortly after I pass them I slow, approaching a crosswalk and waiting for right-of-way, and I hear a muffled cat call whistle from behind me. This is quickly followed by a young male voice saying "I thought you got mad when guys did that?" Her response? "Yeah, well, we took it from them." Now, while the whistle does not bother me a bit, it seems that this could have been a much more teachable moment than she let it be. A parent of two young boys myself, there's not much worse than someone questioning your parenting in public, and in front of your children, but I really wanted to point out the hypocrisy. I held my tongue. Thoughts?
  2. FWIW, I can't get the facebook link to open
  3. Very nice of you! Can't wait to get a look at it.
  4. I've been wearing them for several years myself, can't say how long exactly, but I typically wear one at least once or twice a week. Actually wore one to work today, but as I work in oil (design engineer, mostly office work) I tend to meet lots of people who have worked in the North Sea area and usually just get the comment "I haven't seen one of those since I was in Aberdeen..." I guess I've worn them frequently enough over the last 3 years or so that no one even mentions it at church or work anymore, unless it's "Hey, haven't seen you in a kilt in a few weeks..."
  5. Yeah, I know how that goes. How many showed up to the last one though, about 6 or 7? Should have a much better turn out this time.
  6. Congrats on the house! I know that I won't be sad if I never have to go through the buying process again.
  7. It's been a long time since I've updated here. I finally got back to work on my own kilt after setting it aside for about a year. I've got a spiteful cat who peed on my fabric and I got sort of upset and lost interest, but recently dug it back out, washed it (again), and started back up. I think I've probably gotten about half-way through, as I've only got 3 pleats left to sew down, and then join two sections before working on the waist treatment, belt loops, and pockets (detachable cargo style). I don't imagine I'll get back to it tonight as I have a rare date-night with the wife, but I'll try and get some work (and pictures) in on Saturday and Sunday. (Pictures to come as I get them.)
  8. jae

    First Wool Kilt

    For being a British motorcycle club, we had a pretty good kilt turnout to our annual Christmas dinner. These pictures feel a bit repetitive to me as 5 (including myself) of the 7 guys in the picture were all at RenFest with me a couple of weekends back, but it's fun none-the-less. We all got quite a bit of attention from a few of the older female English ex-pats at the dinner...
  9. I'll likely be in (marked as "Interested") and have several other kilted friends looking to make it out as well. If we make it, you'll likely know it's us.
  10. jae

    First Wool Kilt

    The kilt itself is lovely. Bit smaller than I had hoped, but at the loosest adjustment it fits just about right, and gives me some incentive not to hit the T-day leftovers too hard. I'm wondering if it might be worth it to refit the kilt with leather straps that are just slightly longer. I'm on the very last hole at the moment, and while I don't know that I'd wear the kilt any looser, I think it might look better to have a little more strap. As this was one of the ex-rentals with a 3-4" adjustment, the straps are already a bit lengthy though. I apologize for the outfit, but this was just a quick pic to send to my dad after re-ironing the pleats and to get an idea of fitment. I suppose I should also note that the picture was taken by my 6-year old, so focus isn't the best. I'll be wearing it out to my motorcycle club's Christmas party on Wednesday and will try to get a picture with the other kilted attendees. As we're apparently doing a Highland theme this year, all members are being encouraged to wear kilts. I guess this is going to be an extension of our RenFest outing.
  11. HAHA, I totally see it now that you've pointed it out... That's my buddy Jack. I found it kind of funny that as we walk in the gate one of the girls standing at the front taking pictures asks us if we're the kilted biker gang... (I know all of these guys through the British Motorcycle Owner's Association). I didn't think one old guy in an equally old Schott jacket was enough to make us appear to be specifically "bikers".
  12. On rather short-notice, I made the trek to TRF for Highland Fling weekend with some friends this year, and made sure to get a picture to share. Finally wore my MacLaren kilt out, and it ended up being a beautiful day to do so, as the rain of the morning gave out around noon, and it was clear and sunny the rest of the day.
  13. I actually ended up making it out to TRF this weekend for Highland Fling, almost by accident. I didn't dress up "special", but wore my MacLaren kilt with a gray thermal henley and gray kilt hose with flashes. Right before I'm leaving the house, my oldest son asks what "renfest" is, and my father-in-law responds "oh, it's where a bunch of people like to dress up and go hang out in costume." My son turns to me and asks "so what are you dressing up as?" I explained that it's Highland weekend and I was wearing my kilt I had on, to which he responded "that doesn't count, you always wear that..." Glad to see that at least to my kids there's nothing abnormal about a guy in a kilt.
  14. Well, I broke down and ordered my first wool kilt. Went to USAkilts and got one of the American Heritage ex-rentals. I'll get pictures up once I receive it, but am very excited.