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  1. I agree with AKG, and (hard to say I am defending this) but Tartanraven as well, but unfortunately what one defines as a kilt is subject. While agreed that my sarongs are not kilts, I feel my utilikilts are. But to some traditionalists, I could see them not defining it as such. While Chris' kilt is super short (and I know the reasons why and he has often spoken about wearing protection underneath), it is still a kilt, more so than a Utilikilt spartan model is. I would say it, like Megs, that while I may not wear what Chris wears, I am not offended nor do I believe that he is a pervert (he's just texan It is generally bad form to go from -I don't like that person style of dress - to - that person is a danger to society. my 2 bits. (still bummed about people shopping at walmart
  2. I think if you wander through the forum, I still have pics up (maybe) My profile pic is me in my denim utilikilt in a little town in France out side of a castle. It helped that I worked for Utilikilts at one time. I could never afford that many personally.
  3. 13 Utilikilts (2 workmans, 2 survivals, 2 mockers, 4 originals, 1 denim, 2 spartans) 2 synth (non-wool) tartans (1 from Stillwater kilts, 1 from frugal corner) 1 traditional (wool) - Local company 2 Sarongs 18 - kilt / skirt garments. 2 pair of p@nt$ which will last me a looooong time. (wow, I haven't done the math in a while, but I creeping closer and closer to Riverkilt!)
  4. Mostly, while I could care less about the kilts style or length, I am just bummed to see you all shopping at Walmart. Must be the hippy in me...
  5. O'Callaghan brings up an interesting question in my mind. At what point does an email or message like this go from hero praise / mourning and turin into "propaganda". (please mind that I am setting politics and military consideration aside, just looking at it as a "tool")
  6. Most booze enhanced cheeses are due to washing of the rind in the beer or wine. Not all of course, some grand goat cheeses have wines mixed in. But the rind washing imparts a subtleness in the cheese. Often more noticeable when drinking a matching beverage. I am an advocate of Beer and cheese pairings, heck treating a good craft or micro brew like a glass of wine. Beer (read good beer, Bud and the like does not count) can be as "high brow" as any glass of decent wine!
  7. And here is the link! Evening Magazine
  8. Hi All, If your in an area where you pick up King 5 (a Seattle channel), I will be interviewed, in kilt of course, for the company I work for on the show Evening Magazine. It comes on at 7:00pm. Once it's up on the web, I will post links.
  9. being one of the Botk token "heathens", you didn't offend me. I understood your intent, and felt it come from the heart.
  10. May the 4th be with you as well!
  11. (off topic) Great looking kilt Chris, I have something like that too!
  12. I too can join these fine ranks. As basically a full time kilter for the last 4ish years, and I have been happily and successfully been wearing my kilts at my current job for about 2 years now.
  13. My 2 bits - change the regular tie, for a bow tie. Black or a matching blue bow tie. Bow ties are wonderfully formal, and not very common for folks our age to be wearing, and personally I think that should change. To throw my hat into the "Chain / leather" question, while I have a chain for my sporran, I prefer the feel and control of a leather sporran belt.
  14. Scotch is too peaty for teething relief. Now, brand, bourbon, irish whisky are all fine. Absinthe is right out of the question.