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  1. James, I no longer worry about setting it off...it happens to me too. I turn fans on, open windows, and all that. It DOES get smoky though!
  2. Nor am I. And, I no longer sweat it. Life is too short, too many things to miss out on by worrying over money. Theres FAR more people worse off than I am. And, in REAL dire situations; not simply ones they created themselves. So, I count my blessings.
  3. 12stones, I concur, unfortunately, I do not have the means to have that kind of free cash. Trust me, if I did, I would have went that route. Getting laid off last year depleted my cash reserves, unfortunately. I had to move, job hunt, etc. My CC safely resides in my current home, NOT in my wallet. I regard myself as pretty frugal; I have even gone to the extreme of filling up my tank 10 miles beyond where I live, because it is an average of $0.30 cheaper per gallon. At 15 gallons a fillup, doing that twice a week, I am saving $36/month. That, and as James pointed out, I have gone into recycle mode with almost everything, as I was taught when a young boy as well. My new job simply doesnt pay as well as my old one did, and my commute now is 45 miles round trip, as opposed to 5, daily. So, I have had to make ends meet the best I can, all the while fighting off taking a second job. what I SHOULD do is suck it up for a year, get a 2nd job, and kill my CC debt. I just have too many other commitments on my offtime to allow that to happen right now.
  4. No, I am fully aware that they will not respond. I am merely pointing out, to them, the audacity to beg for forgiveness from the government, due to bad choices, then expect the common person to roll over & play dead for their greedy ways. This email likely landed in India somewhere, where they are interpreting & preparing a response. If one is actually sent. Which, I HIGHLY doubt will. But if I DO get one back, I will certainly post it here, for the amusement of all.
  5. I am the third generation owner of our cast iron skillet. HAs never seen soap by me. What I do is season it every 6 months or so. I simply coat it in vegetable oil, put it in the oven on low heat, and let is sit for an hour or so. I remove it, let it cool, wipe the excess. I then repeat. That seasons it great, and works just like teflon. I havent had any issues using this to date.
  6. the upside/downside of a CC, and, I have had this happen several times; car breaks down, major repair needed ($700+). I do NOT have that cash, and need a vehicle to get to work...so, guess what? On the CC it goes...and, doesnt get paid down immediately. Should another situation occur in the meantime, it happens again...this is what kills me. It is not me buying stuff I dont need (Hell, I saved a YEAR for my pipes, and they were cheap!), its the unintended expenses that get me, every time. Dammit.
  7. First off, I am not intending this as a political thread, but a rather lighthearted one. On a whim, or, rather, due to an email that circulated around the office recently, I wrote to my credit card company, explaining why I would no longer be paying my monthly statements. In essence, I explained that, due to the fact that the parent company of MY credit card company received billions in breaks from our government, and they essentially had a clean slate, I felt it only reasonable for them to do the same. I told them that, since they already had their debts paid off, I see no reason to send my monthly payments PLUS the 27% they charge (I missed 2 payments in 2 years) should be mailed to them, as they should be financially set. After all, there was no oversight on how THEY spent the money...why should they be concerned about how I spend mine? I figure, at this point, we should all be even. After all, I have been paying on this for years, between 18-27% interest for that long, and feel that, at this point, we should be even. Do you think they will accept this? I mailed it out monday, and, with the exception of an automated response, havent heard back yet.
  8. I remember reading a book, a LONG time ago, about how humans essentially invented themselves out of existence. I dont recall how, exactly, the human race died off, but nature was slowing, inevitably, reclaiming back the earth. There was a house (I believe it was in WA, but the location is kind of irrelevant), that was built to essentially do everything for a person. The house had been empty for years, but the automation continued as usual. The house would attempt to wake up the residents, would ask questions, make dinner (or go through the process, then report that groceries needed to be ordered, but no one was picking up at the store), the house even caught fire several times & put itself out. The narrator, speaking strictly third person, stated that this could potentially continue indefintely, until the power ran out, or something catastrophic happened to the house. I recall thinking, as a child, that the world would look pretty silly, with all these machines, and no one to operate them. I havent seen Wall-E, but from the trailer I have seen, I assume that it is something along those lines.
  9. I have a list: phonescoop (cell phone website) jkontherun (geek website) bob dunsire (THE bagpipe website) pipesdrums (the OTHER bagpipe website) myspace facebook hammock forums bushcraft forums 2 different geocaching forums Now, mind you, I dont hit all in one day; usually browse new topics on a couple every other day, when not busy. I DO have them all bookmarked though. I fear I was born 200 years too late; I would have been either an explorer, or a guide, 200 years ago. And, if lucky, maybe even had been recruited for rogers rangers! And hoped to had survived...I spend most of my free time at work surfing hiking, camping, and bushcraft stuff.
  10. Hannafords here too. And our local farmers market when available. But, hannafords is cheap, small (I do NOT do well in crowds anymore), and local.
  11. Um, is the dignitary randomly sleected?
  12. Dunks is the only coffee in new england. If you're caught drinking some other brand, we throw you out.
  13. 17 out of 25. I got a couple of stupid ones wrong...
  14. No, you cannot. most polling stations are in schools or other govt buldings. govt buildings & school are no nos; some (well, only one time for me) have polling stations in the parish halls of local churches; here, I am not sure, but I would guess it wouldnt be a particularly bright idea...
  15. Got ya beat...I have an account that we have a weekly phone conference on, for 1 hour, to discuss here current "billing issues". These are the SAME issues, revisited, week after week, since January. Every week, end of conversation, she is clear. Then, next week, same (or similar) issue, we go over it AGAIN. If I miss a call one week...I feel out of sorts. Thank god for dumb people...keeps me employed!!!