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  1. Now this is a great find! Thanks for posting this.
  2. Thanks to all the responders. The local Scottish Festival held yesterday, Saturday, was a great success. Kilts of many clans and persuasions were in wide-spread attendance. I will have one for next year's activities! Jim Howell
  3. Thanks for the welcome! While I don't expect to combine activities, I also belong to a control-line model airplane group called "Brotherhood of the Ring". Over the past few years, that has been a great group of folks to talk with/to. So I have great hopes for this community.
  4. Jim Howell here. I was helping the local Scottish Society members set up for their annual festival. One of the folks had a "Brotherhood of the Kilt" Tee-shirt. That appealed to me, so I found this community and joined up. Maybe I can get me one of those neat Tee-shirts! Jim Howell