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  1. I am in a couple projects, most of which just link up with more and more random cousins. I am in one project, that is my family surname. Even that project was useless in helping me with genealogy. EXCEPT I did match DNA with one man who also has the same last name. He has been ungrouped in the project for years until I tested. Now WE have a group, but it's just the two of us for now, and we cannot make a paper connection to each other. So I know my personal DNA makeup, and I can confirm that my family name is accurate (at least 6 generations or so back) because of this other gentleman I matched to.
  2. Welcome from Golden CO. I've also done some DNA testing but my results were less helpful finding genealogy connections. I did confirm that my DNA is primarily Viking / Irish / Scottish. Good luck with your research.
  3. I agree to each his own. I love em all. I prefer tartans, but I have no squabble with anyone who doesn't. I also don't generally conform to most expected standards. I do have a tendency to argue with those who do expect a certain standard. I believe negative feedback is unacceptable for any reason (in regards to kilts). But alas he is right. It does exist, otherwise there would be no need for people like me that stand against such negative feedback.
  4. I have transitioned to kilts years round, in nearly all weather (Colorado) and MOST activities.
  5. I am Joseph, I love to wear kilts and connect with others to talk about kilty / scottish / irish / celtic stuff. I have a severe problem with kilt cops, and judgemental, and overly critical people. <TO ARMS!>
  6. There are no CLEAR rules. It can how ever, it happens that some people think it would be improper or impolite to wear tartan if you arent connected to that clan. Do what you like, but I would advise finding an open tartan. Meaning it isnt specifically tied to any clan. (scotland, black watch, firefighter, army, navy ect ect) If you are going to invest in a kilt, find a tartan / color you like, and go with that one.
  7. (also from Mississippi) Anyone's heritage you want to discuss. Or if you just want to be an American and not discuss heritage, then more power to you. But it's really odd that you got into a heritage discussion to say you don't want to talk about heritage. That my friend is the only aspect confusing me.
  8. Though these groups are Christian it doesn't have to be if there are other such influencial Pagans or whatever. I'll try to narrow down the examples of questions. There are groups of Americans, English, Scots, and Irish who hold the involvement of Jacobites in Scottish history with pride. There are others in those same regions that regard the Jacobites with disdain. Why? What's the deal either way? Same question related to Catholics, Pesbyterians, Episcopals, and any other groups I've failed to notice.
  9. Jacobites Catholics Presbyterian Episcopalian others? From a historical and heritage perspective, each of these groups have a loyal and proud following. And equally as loyal and disapproving group that still holds them with contempt. It seems, somehow everyone has decided not to talk about any of it too much and just agree to get along. So historically, what is the deal with these groups? And what's different about them today? Did I miss any others influencial groups of note? (I know how to use Wikipedia but it's not that specific about my question, and I am not trying to become a research expert on all their details)
  10. Welcome, Sport Kilts, UTkilts, 511 Tactical and maybe a few others make some "tactical" sporrans you may be interested in. Also there is at least one thread here called "Tactical Sporrans and Wicked Velcro Stuff" you may want to look at. That discusion was started by Kilted Carver and is in the Accessories area. All terms are searchable on google. Links here are doable but not so friendly as some other places. Pics too.
  11. I assume it would be for dressier occasions.