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  1. Nor I.........but was just thinking if you could find a custom maker he might be able to make one to your more modern specifications or put you in touch with someone who could............
  2. Here's an interesting antique/vintage sgian I picked up recently on eBay, has anyone ever seen one like this before? Can't seem to get the pics to come up but follow the link and you can see several pics of it.
  3. I live on the Eastern Shore now but I grew up just outside the city in the Baltimore Highlands(of course)!
  4. The Scottish Tartans Museum used to carry an old fashioned wide bonnet but I don't think they have it any more? Check around at Scottish Jacobite and English Civil War reenactment sites you can probably find a custom maker who can set you up with an old school bonnet.
  5. My guess is its a typo,but if it's not then he'll have a good source document to back it up! You can email him if you want, he's pretty good about getting back to people and if it's a mistake I'm sure he'd like to fix it.
  6. A lot of the info on that site is the same old same old if not downright questionable,if you want the hardcore kilt history go to Matt Newsome's site Tons of serious kilt info.........
  7. Funny you should say that,I do sometimes wear braces with some of my vintage kilts that are a little to big! Although usually under a sweater or vest,but every once and a while I wear a pair of old school quarter inch braces hanging down to remember the good old days and the Spirit of 69!
  8. To me kilts are like blue jeans, a few wrinkles,holes or stains just and character!
  9. Simple,functional,basically traditional but with a punk/skin twist. All my clothes,kilts included are vintage and generally a bit beat up. I'll wear a traditional kilt and sporran w/ hose,flashes and a button down collar shirt but with Doc Martins a beat up old 1950s jean jacket and a flat cap.
  10. I kinda like mine wrinkled and mashed up,for that "I spent the night sleeping out in the heather hiding from Red Coats" look! But then again my favorite kilts all have moth holes in them so I'm probably not the best guy to ask.............. M.
  11. I have to disagree just because it's not a "Scottish Kilt" dosn't means it's not a "Kilt" see my other post......... M.
  12. The idea that if its not "Scottish" it's not a "Kilt" is an old one,yet the garment the Hopi Indians wears is refered to as a Kilt as well as the garment worn by men in ancient Egypt..........also the studded leather skirt wore in the past by the Romans as part of there armor is refered to as a Kilt I believe.....just some food for thought! M.
  13. Non Conformity Rules!!!!!!!! (or at least it should). M.