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  1. The lassies love to admire his highly polished bowling shoes.
  2. You might get a strike with the pins, but bowl like this, and you will never strike out with the ladies
  3. Be careful not to drop your ball. Yer wee laddie might not survive.
  4. When a Scotsman bowls, he has to be careful his 3rd leg doesn't drop out
  5. The lads all sat back, watching waiting, hoping that quick glimpse of his pin and balls never happens.
  6. The lassies all sat back, watching waiting, hoping for that quick glimpse of his pin and balls.
  7. One big ball, 2 small balls, they all roll the same
  8. Chime in, members of the TKS!
  9. Vader

    Adventures in rebirth

    Mesa back!!!!
  10. I feel ya pain on the IWB holster. But this design will have a belt to go along. I am placing d-rings at the 3 and 9 o'clock position on the belt and then going to figure a good mounting at the sporran to distribute the weight. This will be a full system, not just a sporran.
  11. Here is what I have so far. This is based on an Aliengear kydex shell, an M&P Shield 9mm, and a cheap sporran I got a while back. Looks like this will be an easy fit. Also checking, the pistol is about 1-1/8" deep and the sporran opens up to 2" deep. So looks like I can modify my old sporran or just make a newer cooler one that looks better.