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  1. First wore the kilt in 1960. Didn't wear one for many years due to rebelling against my family & it's heritage. Pulled one back on for my Ma's funeral around 15 years ago & worn one ever since. I dont wear it as often now due to being on the bike almost daily.
  2. Tony, I think the main issue is that only having 9 notes makes it hard to transpose pipes to a normal score when the pitch is so far removed from concert pitch. (Piper's A is closer to a true 466Hz B Flat at 470Hz).
  3. Thanks to the magic of time-zones, it's already New Year's Day here. My Hogmanay was quiet, spent at home with the youngest grandchildren, and I loved every bit of it. Every year I say "well, I survived another one", and this year I can TRULY say that, against the odds. I wish no less to each & every one of you, and here's to many more to come.
  4. You wont look back, wool is the only way to go
  5. I managed to wear the kilt a couple of times during my recent illness. That said, I dont kilt as much as I used to as right at the moment I look like I just got out of Auschwitz & my scrawny little legs poking out the bottom of a kilt that is suddenly too big for me looks (to be totally honest) completely ridiculous. If I cant wear the kilt well, I wont wear it at all.
  6. Either Ghillies, brogues, or desert patrol boots, depending on where I'm going
  7. Hello Tony. Haven't seen you since... well last time you thawed out!
  8. Had an Oncology review today to get the results of Monday's exploratory surgery. It is my pleasure to announce that I am officially CANCER FREE! Not "in remission", but totally free of this bast4rd disease. I have 5 years of regular testing now to ensure it isn't trying to sneak back, but that's a very small price to pay.
  9. I'm not sure I like the tail, but the rest of it is fantastic!
  10. Update... MRI tomorrow, followed by multiple biopsies next thursday or friday. This will tell them how much of my tongue they have to remove
  11. Back to hospital for a med team meeting tomorrow. Scan results weren't as good as I hoped, but not real bad either. Tomorrow will decide how they are going to handle it. Worst case scenario is that I wont die but may never swallow again.