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  1. I went kilted to the Gaelic Storm concert in Milwaukee last night, with my wonderful wife. After the show as we walked to the car some idiot started in with comments about my skirt and whether I had on underwear. In deference to my wife ignored him and he went away to his friends scolding. Unfortunately idiots are everywhere.
  2. The beautiful woman who walks with me, also known as my wife of almost 30 years.
  3. Howdy, I'm Scott. Snork was the first dog my wife and I had, 30 years ago, but I still miss her - the dog; still have the wife. I grew up in Colorado, Wyomming, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, lived for 18 years in Minnesota, and now live in Wisconsin. I'm a a Mechanical Engineer. The wife is an engineer too. I've been Kilting for a several years. It took me a few years to convince myself to do it, and now I'm almost full time. I mostly wear modern kilts but do have a traditional one in my mom's family tartan. My dad's side is from Galloway but I've never been able to find a tartan associated with them. Family legend is that they spent a lot of time avoiding the authorities, but I did find a reference to a family farm near Dumfries so I'm not sure. I've lived on farms and ranches for much of my life and my habits include cleaning the barn after my herd of English Shire horses. OK, I drive, ride, farm, and have logged with them, but shoveling seems to be the single most common activity. I added a photo from the Mid-West Horse Fair. The wife and I are also Steampunks. Kilts work great for that.
  4. As Bill left the hack he he suddenly realized: 1. The stone was WAY to light 2. The Skip wasn't showing him where to throw 3. The Sweepers were all at the bar 4. His VERY STUDLY slide to center ice was going to end with a face plant 5. He should have stuck with Scotch Curling ROCKS!!!
  5. I absolutly agree that I'm more comfortable kilted in the heat, but I have to ask, why would the end of summer mean the end of kilt wear? I'll admitto wearing insulated bidb overalls to plow snow or move hay to the critters with the tractor in the winter, but shopping or the like requires a kilt even in January. Then again we moved to Wisconsin for the warm winter weather, and so far (4 years now) it's been successful. We haven't even unpacked out winter coats.
  6. Joseph, I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you limiting the question to the influence of Christian groups on Scotland, or is it a more general question on the influence of religious groups?
  7. OK, I stretched the truth of that, but at least I made you look. To be more specific, the wife and I attended a showing of Blazing Saddles in Milwaukee last night that was hosted by Mel Brooks himself. It was an AWSOME show. I didn't realize how much he, and Gene Wilder meant to me until I teared up at the news that Gene was in poor health. I realized that Mel Brooks movies are an important part of how I view the world. If the show makes it to your area GO!! You won't be let down. Now, on the kilt front. I of course was living the non-bifircated life, and I wasn't the only one. My wife pointed out another kilted guy as we walked in, and on the way out the usher gave me a fist bump and a thumbs up for the kilt, and there was a kilted young man - OK, around 20 - who attended with him mom. He thought it was great to find another kilted guy who he enthusiastically pointed out to his mom, who wasn't quite sure about the whole thing, but seemed to think it was cool that her son wasn't alone in his fashion choices. And as we walked back to the car I got several compliments from pretty girls, most of whom could be my grandkids, but I'll take what I can get. Maybe you don't need to be a member of the Rolling Stones to be attractive to younger women. Maybe the kilt is equal to the millions of dollars those guys have... Anyway, at least in Milwaukee kilts are accepted as COOL!!
  8. 51. Kilts make you look mature. That's what I'm telling myself after the girl at Culver's gave me the Senior Discount today - the first time I've ever gotten such, and I'm not even 55 - without my asking. She just figured I looked "Mature". My wife likes the line about Lip Stick.
  9. Joseph, I'm glad you explained. My first take on "coxcomb" would have been a little different....
  10. Huzzah I agree that for a pipe band, or a military uniform (which pipe bands kind of are) a set look is necessary, but for the rest the Kilt Police should back the h### off. There is zero chance that everyone historically wore their kilt in exactly the same way, much less that they did so according to the modern rules. Let's be happy that some folks have the will to wear a kilt whether it's traditional or modern and with whatever overall look they choose.
  11. Yep - he was kilted, and he WON!! Far out.
  12. I have it recorded but haven't had a chance to watch, but I'm pretty sure one of the contestants on the 19 April ephisode of "Forged in Fire" is kilted. Very cool.
  13. My 2 cents is to wear what ever you feel comfortable wearing. Remember that the Roman Legions wore kilts when they invaded the isles. Kilts are not exclusively Scot, and you don't need to be of Scot's blood to wear one. I'm personally very comfortable in a modern utility type kilt, and wear them on a regular basis, but less so in the traditional fully outfitted garb. I have a kilt in the family tartan of my mom (Hamilton) that I wear with some regularity if I want to dress up a bit, but just can't bring myself to wear Ghillies or a clan badge. I'm sure I'm violating some rule but maybe I'm taking after my dad's side, that is also Scot (around Galloway) but apparently spent most of the time running from the law so I've been unable to find a tartan for them. I think it would be very cool for you to wear a kilt while your lady wears her traditional outfit. Just please post some photos. I'd love to see how it turns out. Best of luck.
  14. A co-worker sent this to me and I had to share.
  15. I think the fact that the logo is "F U" says everything we need to know.