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  1. Hello: Does anyone know how to make a feather bonnet like Highland Officers would have worn? Thanks
  2. Does anyone know where there are instructions to make an officers feather bonnet? I am not sure what it intails but would be interested in trying. Thanks
  3. I tried to post a pic but could not. Can someone explain the steps I need to follow to add pics to a post. Thanks
  4. I would like to thank you for allowing me to join your merry band. I am from east tennessee but my Great Grandfather was born and raised in Aberdene. I have been doing 18th century living history for a loong time and have recently tied my family to the first muster of the 1794 Gordon Highlanders. I am currently working on a full Gordon uniform and kit. I just finished making a full face badger sporran and will post some pics in the sporran section.