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  1. First: Welcome, from a fellow Pennsylvanian! (South-Central) Regarding your kilt inquiry, I would suggest contacting Rocky R. at USA Kilts (also from PA). They are wonderful people, and his team can definitely help you.
  2. We don't refer to them as "promises". They are "unfufillable declarations".
  3. Where do I begin? According to the prophecy, I showed up on the BotK doorstep, somewhere around early 2008(?). The olde constituents invited me in, and gave me a dram to warm me up. They soon determined I was an odd creature, of indeterminate origin... yet they found my kilted attire to be of a kindred nature. After that it was a blur of sarcasm, whiskey, unnecessary forum posts, loud pipe music, and (aside from that one transgression involving a slip-n-slide + cattle prod + case of mineral oil, and a nun's habit) all good-spirited fun. That about sums it up... if you want to know more, you can use the forum search feature (or, for the more adventurous, my proctologist's reports are available, for a token price)
  4. I'm already a Haggis hunter, so I guess spam hunter wouldn't be out of the question.
  5. No problem... Family needs come 1st! Just wanted you to be aware... would hate to see this site be recognized for reasons you never intended. Slainte!
  6. Can I still post, here, without trying to peddle illicit merchandise?
  7. Perhaps if you went to the "Introductions" section, of the forum, and told a little bit about yourself (kilt related), before posting further?
  8. May we suggest an eye exam, and an appropriate forum?
  9. Stop in at the introduction section New To The Brotherhood, and introduce yourself. After that, check with the site owner, as to When & Where you can advertise, on your second post.
  10. Lot of non-kilt related SPAM. I suggest we do not respond directly (within the topic threads). Let them die an ignominious death.
  11. Welcome, from south-central Pennsylvania!