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  1. Belated posting ! Seems that all is quiet on the Western Front as well as all the other fronts backs sides tops and bottoms !
  2. OK it is January 25th - time to celebrate Robert BURNS night ! Go out - enjoy the night - wear your kilt or skirt or whatever you want to call it. Eat Haggis - well maybe on second thought Pizza and beer (scotch and pizza is not a common denomination)! But you get the idea - celebrate something - anything - be happy in spite of SHUT DOWN and BREXIT and dictators in South America (how did that get in here) - no border walls keeping you from wearing your best !
  3. FYI - Friday - April 6 2018 unless you are across the date line "NATIONAL TARTAN DAY" is in the USA. You don't have to be Scottish; Irish; a member of a clan or fraternity or even a resident of the USA to celebrate this not so promoted 'Holiday' of sorts. So you missed St. Pat's day - here is another day to celebrate and you don't have to wear the obligatory 'Green' or even be green with envy. Just get out and about and have a good time and it is a good excuse to wear that tartan man's skirt !
  4. Well it has arrived: January 25th in the year of Domini etc. etc. It is BURNS Night for all of our Kilted esteemed members. Cheers and all that rubbish that goes with it !
  5. Thursday January 25 is Burns night ! Check around your area for any posted events. Back country rural areas maybe not so much - big metro cities bound to be something going on. A good occasion to go kilted to your local establishment for a bite to eat and a pint or more of your favorite brew.
  6. Mentioned in this post from 2011 the Book "The Art of Kilt Making" author Barb Tewksbury. If you can find beg barrow steal a copy it answers just about every question you might come up with in making your own kilt. Ebay LINK: https://www.ebay.com/p/Art-of-Kilt-Making-by-Barbara-Tewksbury-and-Elsie-Stuehmeyer-2001-Spiral/2634415?iid=272727290128&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D47300%26meid%3D63f19fd442fb4b2183143954c414a86e%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D6%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D142623584254&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 Expensive - heck YES - I got mine years ago new for around $15 - haven't made a kilt but have altered a great many to fit my continuous variable changing landscape. That's why I like the SportKilt line with the Velcro waist fastening closing. Either skip the buckles and straps or sew them on as cosmetic non-functional accessories. You can skip the pockets saving lots of material and time. A casual kilt or utili-kilt does not need a sporran. I use an over the shoulder purse (man-bag) for the essentials. For those just getting started in the kilt world don't throw the kilt making book away but you can throw the rule book away pretty much anything goes. You can wear a plaid pleated skirt - stick a feather in your cap and call it a man's kilt - so don't overlook the option of a skirt pattern or converting one just remember that the pleats go in the back and double aprons in the front.
  7. But Oh can they duplicate and have it delivered in a couple of weeks at a price less than a quarter of the original. The quality of the material can be off and suspect (following washing and care directions very carefully) but the attention to detail is not off by much - measurements they are working on that. Like the Asian clothing people on ebay the measurements are done by manual method and maybe 1 to 3 cm off - colors "NOT" what you see is what you get.
  8. FYI - - - Wednesday April 6th is National Tartan Day in the U S A ! You don't have to be Scottish; Irish; or a member of a clan or fraternity or even a resident of the USA to celebrate this not so promoted Holiday of sorts ! So if you missed St. Patty's day - here is another day to celebrate and you don't have to wear the obligatory Green or even be green with envy. Just get out and about and have a good time and it is a good excuse to wear that tartan kilt or skirt !
  9. Kilts can come in almost any price range from less that $50 to more than several hundred for a custom kilt make with many yards of material and made in the old country (Europe). You do not have to start at the top and this is good for your wallet and budget. Get the measurements and fitting down to know how the kilt fits and what needs to be done to make it comfortable to wear. Look further down this website for merchants who have ready made kilts and a design that you would like to start off with. Suggested looking at Stillwater Kilts for one source with quality kilts and fast fast delivery with basic tartan patterns. Another one to check on with great prices and lots of tartan designs is SportKilt with tons of options to make your kilt something to write home about. Looking further afield check on those kilts with a plain heavy duty design such as Util-Kilts. As a BOTK member remember that some of our Merchant recommendations offer a discount. Ask for it when ordering. Usually 10% that can become substantial. Don't be afraid to add pockets to your kilt - that silly sporran is not for everyone. Do a bit of planning to determine about what you are going to wear with your kilt - perhaps a poet or peasant pirate type shirt - calf high kilt sox with flashes - footwear - and I will leave you to the joking matter of what is worn under there ! LOL ! Come back and post your questions - you don't have to rush out and buy the first thing in site or on a website. There are other Kilt Forums for further discussion.
  10. Welcome no matter which way QWERTY spells your kilt ! Yeah that QWERTY keyboard keeps introducing those new can't find hard to google new kilts. Amusing to find the SORT Kilt - is it a kind of sort of kilt ? There have been issues with that SPOT Kilt - was it spot on ? Yes QWERTY will definitely introduce these kilts. On another note: Since you are now a member of the BOTK you should know one of the benefits of membership is getting discounts on merchandise from our various Merchants i.e. SportKilt is one of them. You can get a BOTK discount on all items at SportKilt. The discount is generally 10%. If you go to the SportKilt website: http://www.sportkilt.com logon and sign up for their email sales. From time to time SportKilt offers a better package i.e. 15% discount - you can get one or the other no combining discounts. But of course 15 beats 10 ! Spend more than $150 and get free shipping - and at times free shipping is included with lesser sales. To get the discount mention it when phone ordering - by internet or mail ask Megs for the discount code (it is not published here-sent by PM). Browse thru all the kilt merchants to find that hard to find tartan or unique custom kilt like construction ! Glad you are here - thanks for joining !
  11. Perhaps a tailor or seamstress with a Serger sewing machine is the answer. In shortening the hem line material must be removed and then the raw edge of the fabric comes into play. You just simply can not let it just go without sewing finishing stitches to prevent unraveling of the hem's edge. Oh the kitties would love to chase you around gathering all the excess threads. A Serger machine not only sews a finishing locking stitch but it also cuts the fabric to your length specs. The Serger is a more elaborate expensive sewing machine but does what you want in 1 step instead of 2 or more. The devil of this is them pleats - the flat front aprons in front no problem in that area but those pleats - the material needs to be stretched out flattening the pleats for sewing machine to do its job and then afterward the pleats need a real heavy duty job of pressing them back into that knife or box pleated form. So the solution is don't just simply grab a scissors and shortcut the work. See a tailor and get an estimate and possibly have the work done there. If terribly expensive consider buying special order made to your specs from say SportKilt or other kilt makers. Handy with a sewing machine and the kilts in question are just everyday wear you might consider experimenting around with what you can do but beware the trouble those pleats are going to give you. Remember the carpenter's Rule to "Measure Twice and cut Once" ! Otherwise don't be the sorcerers apprentice shortening the kilt until there is nothing left to shorten !
  12. Some where around the turn of the century - 2000 a kilted space odyssey ! Always like to punch holes and push the dress codes to their limits ! There is more to life than wearing kilts - but for the love me I haven't found it yet ! Make mine unbifurcated and a seamless wrap over transition ! Also short - but not too short - just right breaking mid thigh and I don't want the sporran getting in the way ! Enough of kissing the Blarney Stone of all this malarkey - off to the Pub to down a few !
  13. Interests - Cruise Ships - Trains - Planes - and most anything else that has wheels until they come off ! LOL !
  14. LINK to Web Site: http://www.kilts-n-stuff.com Address: THE CELTIC CROFT 8451 Xerxes Ave N Brooklyn Park, MN 55444 P 763-569-4373 F 763-549-3583 email: sales@thecelticcroft.com Another fine merchant selling kilted goods at respectable prices. Highly recommend for BOTK merchant status !
  15. Some music is just not made to compose or play on bagpipes - really really difficult to get tubular bells out of bags of pipes ! Admire your recreation of the Tubular Bells but there is something to be said about playing this on theatre size speakers rather than computer cubes ! My BIL had a Mackintosh amp and Ohm F Tower Speakers and WOW to live in the moment of that crisp sound of tubular bells !