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  1. Kilted flying... All the lift, but none of the drag.
  2. Lassies, get your minds out of the gutter.
  3. Coming up on two years of kilt ownership. I now own six kilts (2 Sport Kilts, 1 wool 8-yard, 1 PV casual, 1 Kiltman – which I’m selling to a friend- and 1 Utilikilt). I always have my eyes open for others, though the budget won’t permit additions at the moment. I wear my more casual kilts around the house frequently. I don’t wear them out in public as often as I’d like, but I do sometimes... the wife would frown upon me wearing a kilt to church (drawing attention to myself, yada, yada, yada). When my band has a gig I’ll often wear a kilt. I haven’t worn a kilt to work. I got permission to do so at one point: I ran into our CFO after a 5K race I ran in a kilt and he thought it would be alright to wear a kilt for an occasional “jeans day” (as long as I wore drawers). My boss heard about the encounter and said she’d allow it. Since then our company has been acquired by another company and there are a lot of new faces around as things transition/merge/integrate… not sure it’s a great idea to get the kilt into the mix at this time. I’m considering making an appeal to wear it on Tartan Day this year, but wearing a kilt to work isn’t a big deal to me. Stay tuned. My kids hate them. My step-kids have kind of gotten used to it. Outside of the 2 big local Irish and Scottish festivals I have only seen one other person in a kilt – and he was at my step-son’s elementary school for culture night representing the Scottish Society of Dallas (the president of the society at the time).… so he was “on the job”, so to speak – not really “out in the wild” wearing a kilt… and I wasn’t kilted at the time.
  4. Regular at church Musician Motorcycle enthusiast (though I don't get to ride much these days - hoping that changes) Also enjoy a good beer or wiskey from time to time.
  5. Congratulations. My sister had some similar struggles selling a home recently, and I had some house hunting woes of my own a few years ago. I'm glad your dream has been realized this holiday season!
  6. So I went to camp and hang out at the TRF with my friend over the weekend. It was fun, but pretty darn cold and wet (which landed me at home sick for most of the week). Although he had said he would buy a kilt, alas he did not. Perhaps it's not a bad thing because I wasn't impressed with the quality of the kilts the vendors were selling there. I probably shouldn't be surprised about that. I'll keep working on him. I need a convert.
  7. I have one of Rocky's American Heritage ex-rentals. I absolutely love it. I probably should have ordered one size up (back when they had a lot of sizes available) because it's tough to maintain the waistline these days, but it's a fabulous kilt. I get a lot of compliments on it. You look great. Well done!
  8. Welcome from North Texas! I've found a lot of info on the free familysearch.org website. It's the same folks that run ancestry.com. Being free, it's limited, and I've also found errors including one that was assumed to be correct for centuries, but is almost certainly a mistake (which would have been a great Scottish connection to some one of the big lines of nobility). Oh well... it's still a Scot name, just can't find anything further back aside from a mistaken lineage. Expect to spend some time figuring these things out. I have an older cousin who used to trace his Surname the hard way by spending a lot of time and money traveling to cemeteries and courthouses across the country to look at records and unravel the mysteries of 1st, 2nd and 3rd marriages to see exactly who begat who - many of such records are easily accessible on the web for just a few dollars now. But it's still tedious work, and there are a lot of dead ends. Good luck with your search, and most importantly - enjoy your kilts!
  9. I'll be at the Texas Renaissance Faire the weekend after Thanksgiving with a friend I don't get to see very often. He wears "period clothing" and wants to camp in a new "period tent" he's ordered. That's all fine with me, but I'm not into the costume-y thing. I'll be in a couple of my kilts, but just my regular ol' normal style. We'll be missing the "Highland Fling" theme by one weekend, but we'll be there for "Celtic Christmas". AND... my friend (who has been supportive of the kilt thing, but has been kilt-averse himself) says he'll buy a kilt at the faire. Hopefully he will be my first convert!
  10. Most of the time I'm wearing my Bates 11" side zip Paratrooper boots. I'm looking for something a little shorter than that to throw in the mix, but I'm just not very pleased with how a lot of the hikers look these days.
  11. I'm up to 5 after my first year and a half of being occasionally kilted (not listed in the order of acquisition): 2 Original Sport Kilts 1 USA Kilts Casual 1 Utilikilts Original (older model, but "like new") 1 USA Kilts 8 yard wool (ex-rental)
  12. Welcome from North Texas! I've been wearing a kilt for about a year and a half. In that time I've acquired 5 kilts and my thoughts on the kilt have evolved quite a bit. I've come to appreciate all styles of wearing the kilt... from the flip flop / tank top / utility kilt vibe all the way to the most impressive displays of traditional highland dress, and even the ren-faire costumes. There's room for all of us! As Joseph says, there are those who will insist any number of fuzzy rules should be followed with regard to wearing a kilt. My unsolicited advice, being fairly new to the kilt myself, is to take in as much info as you can. If you ask for advice (which is encouraged) you'll get differing opinions... maybe a lot of them. At the end of the day, knowing the "rules" won't do you any harm. For me it has lead to a greater understanding of history, tradition and innovation. There are all kinds of perspectives to be found here, and they are all helpful along the journey. I especially like when photos are shared - it is a great help to see the different styles... you might see something you want yo try for yourself. Above all, be respectful. Especially to those who take the time to answer questions and share their knowledge... Then YOU go and decide how YOU want to look in a kilt. Don't be surprised if it starts to change over time. ... or forget all of that and just skip to "wear it however you want"! Glad you're aboard. Happy Kilting!